Monday, July 05, 2010

Weekend Post-Mortem

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend. We deliberately made no plans to do anything other than bum around the house and get things done.

Thursday was Canada Day so we had brunch with friends, then we did a bunch of work around the house and then rode our bikes downtown to watch Elliott Brood and Owen Pallett {Formerly known as Final Fantasy}. I love the free festivities on Canada Day, and you never know who you're going to run into! We crashed at home and grabbed a pizza and vegged.

Friday was a work day for us - decided not to take a vacation day on my first week at the new job! We chilled at home all night, did a bunch of chores and got organized for the weekend. We had a lovely dinner on the deck with an even nicer bottle of rosé.

Saturday morning LB helped friends of ours dig and set their fence posts so Milo and I decided to have a maman-Milo day of fun! We had brunch at thyme and again, shopped at the parkdale market, hung out at the park, and ran some errands. We watched Happy Tears in the evening, a movie so boring that I will not even bother linking to its page on the IMDB. We had high hopes because the cast included Parker Posey, Demi Moore and Rip Torn, but no dice...

Sunday morning we had brunch with LB's family, then we did a bunch of yard work {pics to follow} and then went swimming at Adam and Daphna's and cooled off. It was so amazing!

Then Monday morning it was 45 degrees with the humidex and I thought that I was going to die. It sucked.

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Shannon said...

i'm so out of touch. I didn't know final fantasy changed their name!