Monday, June 28, 2010


One of my favourite features of Style at Home magazine is the High/Low section. It's a feature that has grown with me over the many years I've been a reader. When I was in university it was all aspirational design, then in our first few apartments we would pick exclusively from the low. Now I mix in a few high-end pieces every now and then, just to give things that little extra touch.

I love this feature they did on decorating a modern nursery. What they don't get into is what pieces are worth the splurge and which are not. In my mind, the Sparrow crib is beautiful, but not that much more than the Gulliver crib little Milo sleeps in. We felt that the mattress and a good mattress pad were well worth it, while an expensive bedding set was not, since bumper pads are a big no-no in Canada. Someone's going to catch on to that and start selling the quilts individually, right? Especially since Dwellstudio is led by a Canadian woman?

Friday, June 25, 2010


Today is my last day at a job that I love. I have been part of this organization off and on since my second year of grad school. It's always been a safe haven for me, a place that has allowed me to really get my feet under me and spread my wings. They've given me so many opportunities I can't even begin to elaborate.

However, it's time for me to get some new experience, something to take me to the next level in my career. So off I go to the salt mines, as my dad would say...

Before I left, a particular colleague who I've come to consider as a mentor gave me this card that I thought was particulary awesome. Sorry that the image isn't better, but here's the text:
It's amazing woman! Faster than a speeding taxt! Stronger than any Tom, Dick or Harry! Able to multi-task without a single latte...and all in high heels!

Grill Day!

There's a wonderful kids' store near us {well there are many, which explains why I'm broke} called Red Chair Kids. They sell beautiful items, Bugaboo and Uppababy strollers, Dwellstudio for kids, you get the idea... beautifully curated wooden toys that make my wallet jump out of my purse. We stop by every couple of weeks, we've gotten to know the owners Monica and Christine over my pregnancy and the past year, and we often leave with a little something for the big boy.

Last weekend they had a fathers' day draw, and LB won! He won his very own Weber Charcoal Grill that he is going to learn to use to create some wonderful smoky creations. We're going to experiment with the flavoured wood chips too!

I love the grill's clean lines and its retro look. It looks awesome on our new deck that we just built.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ridin' In Style

Cycling is my preferred and primary method of transportation. I commute to work on my bike and we try to run as many errands as possible either on foot {with our many strollers} or on our bikes. We have a seat for Milo that I will post about another day, and he loves it.

For me though, the key to making cycling part of your everyday life is to do it simply. I don't wear special clothes to ride {except on those really hot days}, I just throw on my bike shorts under whatever clothes I'm wearing. It's so simple and it means I can arrive at work when I want and leave when I'm ready, I don't have to worry about the bus schedule, which some days is the bane of my existence.

While I was off we decided that I needed a new bike, my previous one being a 10-year old hand me down that LB has now appropriated as his winter bike. I opted for a cruiser with a bit of pep to it, the Trek Allant. It is also way cheaper than my true love, the Electra Gypsy cruiser. I outfitted it with a basket and a cute little polka dot panier that carries like a briefcase and comes with a removable shoulder strap, the Axiom Town and Country shopper. I also decided to leave my cracked and busted helmet at home and try a more streamlined model, the Pryme V8 in black.

All in all, a great way to ride and arrive looking ready to work.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love the hard-edged glamour of this Fenton/Fallon Piano Cuff for J.Crew. I am so wishing that I hadn't just gotten off the phone with Laurin telling her all about how I'm not buying stuff for the summer! Damn me and my big mouth...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sun Shade

I am determined not to make this blog about bebe gear because frankly I try not to buy too much of it and I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by it anyways. Where my expertise lies after 14 months of being a mom is in the realm of strollers. In the past 14 months I have had 13 strollers, to me they are kind of like handbags. Go ahead, judge me - I know that it's ridiculous and I have taken a lot of flack about it from friends, family, store owners and complete strangers. The only thing I can say in my defence is that thanks to some very strategic purchases, we are at break-even position in the stroller game.

I absolutely cannot seem to make up my mind. It doesn't help either that we live in a neighbourhood where I look at strollers all the time and we walk everywhere so I place a very high premium on my strollers.

Here's the list of what we've had:

  1. Bugaboo Bee, black {sold before he was born}
  2. Bugaboo Frog, navy {sold when he was 5 months old, but it is my sentimental favourite, it's an excellent stroller that I would recommend again and again}
  3. Chariot Cheetah, yellow {sold within 1 month of getting}
  4. Phil and Teds sport, black {sold within 1 month}
  5. Uppababy Vista, black {sold within 1 month of getting}
  6. Peg Perego Si {sold}
  7. BOB Revolution 12" Alumninum, orange {SOLD immediately - hated the small wheels}
  8. Baby Jogger City Mini {sold}
  9. Phil and Teds E3 {sold}
  10. Chariot Cougar SX {sold}

We currently have:

  1. Bumbleride Queen B - our go everywhere stroller, tons of room and very comfy
  2. BOB Revolution 16" jogger in Navy - for running and wonky terrain
  3. Uppababy G LUXE in black - for travel, the bus, crowded urban settings

I am currently coveting the Stokke Xplory and the Baby Jogger City Select with its 20 combinations, but I have promised LB that I will not buy another stroller until we have another bebe. However, I have made that promise several times already.

I have learned the following things about strollers and how I use them:

  1. The bebe has to be able to face me at all times
  2. The bebe has to be able to lay flat - I'm not a big fan of the carseat attachment, it has its purposes but I can't stand the thought of the wee baby compressed in there all the time.
  3. There has to be a monster sunshade. I have been able to find a sunscreen that I like for bebes, but I still would rather keep them covered up when possible.
  4. It has to have a big underbasket. The Vista has the best one I've come across so far.
  5. It has to be a one-step fold.

I have just discovered this add-on sunshade at Amazon, which would have been great to know about sooner - it might have made the Phil and Teds more appealing to me, because frankly guys, your sunshade is a total joke. It's an ad for skin cancer.

DIY Book Shelf

We have been after ways to make toy storage more appealing and have worked hard to integrate Emile's things into our decor. Like us, our almost 14-month old boy already has more books than we thought possible, so we keep some on the main floor and some in his room.

I came across an old spice rack at a garage sale and decided to give it a whirl. We cleaned it up and painted it a nice fun shade of red {we had some paint on hand} and hung it over our landing strip by the entrance way. He loves seeing his books, and often points them out to us until we read him one - it takes us a few tries to get the "right one".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Post-Mortem

Although we had a wonderful weekend, I am now feeling very ill. Hope there's no cause and effect, I would like for these weekends to continue...

Friday night was the official launch of this summer's Backyard Cinema at our friends Kristi and Jeremy's place - we watched the Goonies under the stars, had some delicious snacks and a nice cold rose...

Saturday morning I went for a run with the new run club I've joined to keep me motivated, then we tried to clean up around the house - we failed miserably, in case you were wondering. Then we walked down to the Taste of Wellington and gorged ourselves on the free wonderful food around our neighbourhood. Then we hung out at home, put Milo to bed early and watched In the Loop. If you are at all a bit of a government/ policy junkie or in communications, this movie will be amazing for you. It's a great film for everyone, except if you hate excessive swearing, cause there is tons of it - it's hilarious!

Sunday we had a nice father's day morning - Milo and I got up early and baked cookies and made a picnic and got LB's present ready and then I managed to wake him up by smashing a giant bowl of roasted eggplant dip on my foot and the floor. Not such a nice way to start the day. We then went to Calypso waterpark for the day and played outside all day - our friends have a bebe almost the same age so they played in the little slides and the wading pool. We topped off the night with a Father's Day BBQ at the in-laws with the whole family, with BBQ Bison sausages from Saslove's. SO YUMMY!

Then I woke up feeling like crap. Le sigh...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flower Child

I have NEVER been one for floral prints, and now all of a sudden that's all I'm buying! I picked up a bunch of pretty florals at Anthro this spring and this cardi from Marc Jacobs is calling my name over at Holts. It's adorable and very versatile.

And for the record, I'd happily accept the bag too, if anyone's offering. Have a lovely weekend all!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful Shoes...

I LOVE this idea that Liz posted. Such a wonderful way to spruce up a bedroom without spending very much money!

In my post-baby return to work, I discovered that my feet had grown a good half size. I, the girl who was able to wear high heels until two days before she delivered, now had to get rid of half of my shoe collection. Luckily for me, a few well-timed trips to the States yielded some beauts from Anthro and kate spade that I'd love to display.

Volume Two

I bought the new issue of BUST this weekend, something that I used to do religiously but I keep forgetting to these days. Not because I don't love it anymore, the quality has remained pretty steady over the years, but rather because I would always forget. Maybe I should subscrube again!

Anyhoo, this month's cover of She & Him sealed the deal for me - I admit it, I'm such an indie cliché - I think that M. Ward is dreamy and I have a major girl crush on Zooey {but don't tell Tina Fey I said that!}. The photos are great, and the interview is very cute. They just seem like such nice people.

I've been spoiled lately, LB and I went to see them in NYC for our 5-year anniversary trip and then last week I got a chance to see them in TO with my cousin Tara! Such a fun live show, and it really made me appreciate that Zooey is in fact a talented musician too! Their dancetastic cover of Roll Over Beethoven was a great way to end a show - the dancing, meh, not so much...

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ground Control to Major Tom...

Although not a huge Bowie fan, I do feel as though I've been orbiting the Earth for the past 13+ months and I'm just now starting to feel like myself again. I've decided to give blogging a go again, I missed all of you and you wonderful stories and comments - the blogosphere never quite lets you go once you're in!

I have so much to tell you about, there's been a million changes around here:
  • Our little Emile Oscar {aka Milo} born April 26, 2009
  • New bathroom, kitchen, dining room, basement floor and three different wallpapers
  • A whole new wardrobe to accomodate the post-baby lumps and bumps
  • A few trips here and there
However, on that note, it really is true. Plus ça change...

I'm glad to be back. I missed you all very much.