Friday, April 17, 2009


So it's been decided! As long as the wee bebe is happy and healthy, we are taking off on a bit of a European vacation with him this fall. I'm so excited, and it gives me something to plan for to help alleviate the fear I'm having about being detached from my work.

We're going to rent an apartment in Paris for a week {will share the info once we've booked} for LB, the bebe and me, and then he will head home to get back to work and I will head across the Channel to spend a week with Liam and Shannon in their Battersea flat for some more London fun. I'm also optimistic that October in Paris and London will be a little less wet than November in both of those cities - we've had some pretty bad timing in the past.

I think that it's wonderful that I get a year off with a very generous top up from my employer and am planning on making the absolute most of it. I'm thinking of other schemes, but nothing has taken shape enough to talk about it just yet.

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