Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Post Mortem

Phew! I'm feeling the pressure, only 7 weeks until my due date - these weekends are becoming very precious in terms of getting things done.

Friday I ran home from work to get a much-needed haircut {I was shocked - it had been over three months since the last one!}, then picked up some last minute items and then hosted my bus strike carpool for dinner. LB made his famous ribs and an eggplant parmigiana for me and our vegetarian guest {I don't like ribs, too much work!} we talked and laughed and I managed to stay up past 11!!! We then cleaned up quickly and hopped in the car to go and look after Simon, Bob and Nicole's fabulous dog for the weekend.

Saturday morning came way too early - a quick walk with Simon and then home to finish the clean up and meet with our doula - she's an old friend and I think that it will be great to work with her. Then got myself gussied up and headed over to mom's for bebe shower #2 - it was a ton of fun and we were ridiculously spoiled. A nice relaxing family dinner where LB was again asked to make his famous ribs, this time with chicken, and then back to walk Simon and crash. He's not a small dog, so sleeping was a bit of a challenge...

Sunday morning I wrote thank you cards and organised my lists of things to do and purchase over the next 7 weeks, walked Simon in the sun, and then headed out for a few returns and exchanges and acquisitions. I spent the entire afternoon doing loads of very small laundry, putting away oodles of stuff, and getting the house in shape. LB got us Chinese for dinner and we went to be nice and early after getting caught up on our 30Rock.

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