Monday, March 23, 2009

Play a bit

I went for dinner at Stephen Beckta's newest creation, play food and wine last week. My friend Anne and I try to keep in touch with dinners at nice places every few months, and since we don't have to pay for our husbands too, we can afford a bit of a splurge! I had the scallops to start, which were sublime, with bacon, oyster mushrooms and edamame, and then the steak frites, with a garlic aioli and some cinnamom-flavoured mushroons. I finished with a wee banana split, with homemade pineapple sauce. It was truly divine. The whole concept of the place is based around small plates - you order smaller portions at a somewhat smaller price. You'd have to be careful though - it could get away from you very quickly.

Two small criticisms: the shade of blue is institutional and made us think of elementary school painted cinder block, and the hand towels in the bathrooom are disposable. When you're paying that kind of price for dinner, someone can afford to do a load of laundry here...

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Canadian in London said...

Must try when we are back in Ottawa. I noticed there was chocolate pate on the menu - if you know anyone who has tried that please tell!