Monday, March 30, 2009

Exciting Week

I know that I'm supposed to be scaling back on my activities, but some weeks just creep up on you without realizing it! I'm excited about all of the fun stuff on my plate, but I will try to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water and eat lots of good nutritious food for the bebe...

  • Pizza night with the girls tonight {I can wear yoga pants, so I'm okay!}
  • Party planning and Aquafit tomorrow {people keep dropping out of the class b/c they've gone into labour}
  • Coffee with Lori on Wednesday
  • Coffee with Daphna on Thursday
  • Picking up my parents from their London trip {and seeing all of the goodies they brought back!} and dinner party prep on Thursday
  • Dinner party at our house on Friday
  • Engagement luncheon for some dear friends on Saturday afternoon {details next week, at least one of them reads my blog!}
  • Birthday dinner for my cousin on Saturday night
  • Breakfast with Genny-G on Sunday morning
  • Dinner with Laurin and Casey on Sunday night

A big thank you to Jordan for all of her amazing party posts - I needed some inspiration last week for upcoming parties and my repertoire was feeling a bit tired... I'm far more energized after lovely shots like this!


Now don't tell my mother about these plans - she hasn't figured out how to look at my blog yet other than direct links, so I should be fine...- she gave me a big talk about my need to scale back my activities before the bebe's arrival...

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Yay - it's me that reads the blog!

I like it when I see things that pertain to me. Kaili - you make me feel so famous! And thanks for the luncheon - I'm super stoked!!