Monday, March 02, 2009

Bebe Shower

I had the loveliest afternoon yesterday. Three of my dearest friends threw me a bebe shower to celebrate our bundle's impending arrival {9 weeks to go kid!} and to allow me to spend some quality time with my lady friends before I might be stuck at home for a little while... I requested a minimum of bebe themed games and events and decor, and they totally complied. They went with a bit of a "Over the Rainbow" theme to the decor and food, and it was a total success.

Highlights include:

The tower of cupcakes made to match my nursery to a t, as well as the incredible food options.

Spending time with all of my favourite ladies, including my mama.And a yoga/baby massage demo for pre and post-natal needs, with a workout just for me and a personal massage to boot! This was definetely not your average shower!

It was a beautiful afternoon. Everyone was so generous with their time, energy and the gifts for the wee one. It got me all choked up and I spent the night reading the cards and reflecting on all of my friends and the paths we've all taken. {While eating a cupcake of course...}

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