Monday, March 30, 2009

Exciting Week

I know that I'm supposed to be scaling back on my activities, but some weeks just creep up on you without realizing it! I'm excited about all of the fun stuff on my plate, but I will try to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water and eat lots of good nutritious food for the bebe...

  • Pizza night with the girls tonight {I can wear yoga pants, so I'm okay!}
  • Party planning and Aquafit tomorrow {people keep dropping out of the class b/c they've gone into labour}
  • Coffee with Lori on Wednesday
  • Coffee with Daphna on Thursday
  • Picking up my parents from their London trip {and seeing all of the goodies they brought back!} and dinner party prep on Thursday
  • Dinner party at our house on Friday
  • Engagement luncheon for some dear friends on Saturday afternoon {details next week, at least one of them reads my blog!}
  • Birthday dinner for my cousin on Saturday night
  • Breakfast with Genny-G on Sunday morning
  • Dinner with Laurin and Casey on Sunday night

A big thank you to Jordan for all of her amazing party posts - I needed some inspiration last week for upcoming parties and my repertoire was feeling a bit tired... I'm far more energized after lovely shots like this!


Now don't tell my mother about these plans - she hasn't figured out how to look at my blog yet other than direct links, so I should be fine...- she gave me a big talk about my need to scale back my activities before the bebe's arrival...

Weekend Post-Mortem

What fun was had, such sleep needed to recover!

Friday night started with a crush of errands on the way home and then Julie and Aaron came over for dinner - LB made hamburgers on the grill, it was amazing. Just low-key catching up with friends while we still have the chance to have an uninterrupted adult conversation.

Saturday I spent the day spring cleaning and getting things in order, anxiously awaiting cousin Tara and her husband Marc's arrival! They got here late afternoon, and they spoiled us rotten with amazing gifts for the bebe - she is an Etsy genius!!! We did an emergency run to Kiehl's for some supplies, and then met some friends for yummy Chinese and then headed out to see the Constantines and the Weakerthans. The venue was terrible {I have never felt more as though the promoter was trying to make a buck at the expense of my enjoyment}, but the night was lots of fun.

Sunday morning, we woke up to grey and threatening skies. We had a delicious breakfast of scones and then decided to brave the weather to go for a walk down to the shops near us. Well we got soaked, but we also got candy and travel mugs and camera bags, so it all worked out... We picked up tons of bagels at the Bagelshop and then had a late lunch at the Murray St Charcuterie. The food was incredible. The service? Not so much...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Malted Balls

I have never been a fan of malt balls - Whoppers? ugh. Maltesers? don't even bother. However, the lovely people at the Candy Store introduced me to these delicious Koppers malted balls last year, and it was a whole other ball park. They are so delicious and tasty, nothing like those nasty artificial tasting imitators.... My personal fave is the mint chocolate, followed closely by vanilla and raspberry, but apparently the ultimate chocolate with 4 layers of chocolate is a delight as well. Look for them at fine retailers near you, but in Ottawa, the only place to get them is the Candy Store. The only catch is getting them when they're in stock - they go fast!

Mint Cookies Malted Milk Balls

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

500 Days of Summer

At this point, I don't think that I would mind if that happened. However, this reference is to the sweetest and best movie trailer I've seen in a long time, starring two of my fave actors - Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. 500 Days of Summer is a story about love and then falling out of love and it just looks like it was made for me. The tagline is "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't."

Thanks to LB for being so dilligent about upcoming movies and making we watch trailers with him every week, even though I usually hate it.

{Image via}

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovey

I took a few days off from work and blooging to reboot and recharge last week, and I almost forgot to wish my one and only a fabulous 30th birthday! You're my best friend and my love and you're going to be an incredible father. He's been working hard to finish off the nursery lately, and he's got a busy month installing basement floors and fixing the bathroom plumbing...
love you more than anything in the world...

Play a bit

I went for dinner at Stephen Beckta's newest creation, play food and wine last week. My friend Anne and I try to keep in touch with dinners at nice places every few months, and since we don't have to pay for our husbands too, we can afford a bit of a splurge! I had the scallops to start, which were sublime, with bacon, oyster mushrooms and edamame, and then the steak frites, with a garlic aioli and some cinnamom-flavoured mushroons. I finished with a wee banana split, with homemade pineapple sauce. It was truly divine. The whole concept of the place is based around small plates - you order smaller portions at a somewhat smaller price. You'd have to be careful though - it could get away from you very quickly.

Two small criticisms: the shade of blue is institutional and made us think of elementary school painted cinder block, and the hand towels in the bathrooom are disposable. When you're paying that kind of price for dinner, someone can afford to do a load of laundry here...

Bicycle Lust...

I don't think that it's wrong that I love this bike so much that I keep thinking about it. I almost impulse bought it on Friday, but then realized that I had no way of getting it home since I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. But it will be mine. Soon. I'm in serious lust with this bike friends!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

I picked up one of these a little while ago, and I love it. Unlike stainless travel mugs, it can go in the microwave, plus it looks fabulously deceptive. You do have to be careful, since it is porcelain, but it's been keeping my decaf nice and warm all week, plus it doesn't hold the crusty coffee smell like my stainless mugs do so the transition between decaf and herbal tea is less gross...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Post Mortem

Phew! I'm feeling the pressure, only 7 weeks until my due date - these weekends are becoming very precious in terms of getting things done.

Friday I ran home from work to get a much-needed haircut {I was shocked - it had been over three months since the last one!}, then picked up some last minute items and then hosted my bus strike carpool for dinner. LB made his famous ribs and an eggplant parmigiana for me and our vegetarian guest {I don't like ribs, too much work!} we talked and laughed and I managed to stay up past 11!!! We then cleaned up quickly and hopped in the car to go and look after Simon, Bob and Nicole's fabulous dog for the weekend.

Saturday morning came way too early - a quick walk with Simon and then home to finish the clean up and meet with our doula - she's an old friend and I think that it will be great to work with her. Then got myself gussied up and headed over to mom's for bebe shower #2 - it was a ton of fun and we were ridiculously spoiled. A nice relaxing family dinner where LB was again asked to make his famous ribs, this time with chicken, and then back to walk Simon and crash. He's not a small dog, so sleeping was a bit of a challenge...

Sunday morning I wrote thank you cards and organised my lists of things to do and purchase over the next 7 weeks, walked Simon in the sun, and then headed out for a few returns and exchanges and acquisitions. I spent the entire afternoon doing loads of very small laundry, putting away oodles of stuff, and getting the house in shape. LB got us Chinese for dinner and we went to be nice and early after getting caught up on our 30Rock.

Charmed, I'm Sure

I've been searching for a good gold vintage charm bracelet as part of my look for summer this year, and I found a lovely one over on good ol' Etsy. I tried to do my usual and just take something from mom, but she only had a silver one, unfortunately... I am digging this with a pair of trouser jeans, a nice top to hide the post-bebe bump, and a pair of flats or cons or sparkly sandals...

Golden Charm Bracelet

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have always been a Chanel girl, from about the age of 18 and up. But these Miss Dior Chérie commercials by Sofia Coppola make me want to try the perfume. And go back to Paris right now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


And for the record, the stroller's pretty snazzy too... We decided on a Bugaboo Frog, because they're fabulously well-built, look good, and because we are just those people. I love products that are pretty and functional too!

Bit of Bling

I saw these sandals at Trustfund last week and I can't stop thinking about them {that means that I automatically get to buy them, right Laurin?}. They would dress up a pair of jeans a plain t, make a summery dress a little more exciting, and really just take any normal everyday outfit up a notch or two.

Is it ridiculous for me to walk around pushing a stroller and wearing these?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Summer looks

I am getting excited about spring/summer looks, as they fill the racks in the stores and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel {8 weeks to go, wee one!}. Since I am going to be off work for the next year, I am looking at developing a look for summer that does not need to be as work versatile as usual. Also, since I'm going to be spending my days getting spit up on and cried at, I need to wear things that are washable and fun, with patterns to hide any stains or leaks. When I saw this Portland Constantine clutch over at kate spade, I knew that it was the inspiration for that look. Wide-legged jeans, fun printed tops, converse, a charm bracelet, and a giant pair of sunnies to hide those sleep-deprived eyes. With that look I'll be able to have a latte and relax and look like I actually know what I'm doing!
Summer Look
Summer Look - by Kails on

Monday, March 09, 2009


As a bonafide geeky gal, I loves me my glasses. I was so excited when they told me that I needed to wear glasses everyday, probably far more than I should have been. So when I saw this Beckerman necklace, I knew that it was for me. I hemmed and hawed a few days, but I am so glad that I bought it, one of my colleagues called it bling for the geeky crowd...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's Here...and it's Spectacular

I really don't have much to say except go get it, you will NOT be disappointed. I've listened to nothing else for the past 2 days. Visit her site for upcoming tour dates - April 16th in Montreal, I've asked the bebe to not come early just so that we can spend the night and see her play - it's never to be missed...Major girl crush on the Neko, but I think that it's a crush that is universal, whether you're a guy or a lady...


I know, I know, I swore off Juicy when I took the last of my witty $100 ts to the consignment shop, but I can't get over how cute their new dresses are. I was in Trustfund the other day and every dress that caught my eye was from the spring Juicy collection. They were lovely enough that I even picked up this dress for my post-bebe summer wardrobe. It fits now, but the bump makes it a bit short for everyday wear... I got it in a lovely shade of green, which I think makes it more wearable for day and night, with flats or heels. It looks great with a big gold necklace too.

And for summer parties and birthdays, this tiered dress would suit almost any occasion.

I have to say though, although I love the dresses, their phto styling sucks. Pretty dresses look even prettier if you make a bit of an effort.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

Thanks to my charming cousin Tara, I am now obsessed with Cherry Blossom Girl, the chicest Parisian to blog her way into my heart. Her blog, fully bilingual, is a fantastic style guide for anyone on any budget, she mixes and matches high and low with ease and grace.

She also has made me crave Chloé shoes. It seems like no matter what pair of shoes I look at these days, it's a pair of Chloé shoes that invariably catches my eye and gets the drool mechanism going...



Monday, March 02, 2009

Bebe Shower

I had the loveliest afternoon yesterday. Three of my dearest friends threw me a bebe shower to celebrate our bundle's impending arrival {9 weeks to go kid!} and to allow me to spend some quality time with my lady friends before I might be stuck at home for a little while... I requested a minimum of bebe themed games and events and decor, and they totally complied. They went with a bit of a "Over the Rainbow" theme to the decor and food, and it was a total success.

Highlights include:

The tower of cupcakes made to match my nursery to a t, as well as the incredible food options.

Spending time with all of my favourite ladies, including my mama.And a yoga/baby massage demo for pre and post-natal needs, with a workout just for me and a personal massage to boot! This was definetely not your average shower!

It was a beautiful afternoon. Everyone was so generous with their time, energy and the gifts for the wee one. It got me all choked up and I spent the night reading the cards and reflecting on all of my friends and the paths we've all taken. {While eating a cupcake of course...}