Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Post-Mortem

Friday was the last day sans buses in Ottawa, so my carpool dropped me off on Wellington and I ran a zillion errands and got some groceries on the way home. Then home where LB and I had a pick up dinner of cheese and olives and bread while watching Rescue Me - we are so addicted!

Saturday was the first of two days of prenatal classes. I admit it, I was completely dreading the classes and had no desire to participate, but was doing it because I felt that I had to. Wow - was I ever wrong. We took our class through Mothercraft, and it was incredible. I can't recommend it enough - I feel so much better prepared as a result of it, and so well-informed about decisions that I might have to make in the next few months. It is a completely non-judgemental environment, where all options are given equal airtime.

Saturday night we headed to the Works for dinner and the caught the bus {YAY!!!} downtown to see Coraline - what an incredible movie. It's not too scary for children, it's a fantastic tale of whimsy that we both felt had a lot in common with Pan's Labyrinth.

Sunday morning was more prenatal class, and then I came home and cleaned the house, organised all of those shoes and bags I told you about on Friday, got my post-baby wardrobe organised, did laundry and got sorted out for the week ahead - it promises to be a busy one...

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