Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine's our way

As mentioned, LB and I don't get any extra lovey on valentine's day, we try to do things for each other every day of the year, but I've been meaning to get him a few things anyways, so I decided to package them up and give him a little care package tomorrow morning. Our valentine's plans are low-key - sleep in as late as humanly possible since we're 11 weeks away from never sleeping again, spend some time reading, go skating, get me some new glasses, and grab burgers at our favourite local watering hole - Chez Lucien, a place with a decidedly unromantic vibe, but that is just our style.

LB's goodie bag includes:

1- The Watchmen graphic novel {I married a man who reads Nietzsche and comic books - sometimes at the same time!}

2- Since he cycles all year and really wants to learn how to work on his bike, the Bicycle Repair Manual

3- And since he worships the Black Keys, the new Dan Auerbach record, Keep it Hid. {That one's kind of a present for me too!}

Keep It Hid / Dan Auerbach - CD

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La Belette Rouge said...

Your weekend sounds lovely!!!

I would have guessed that any man who reads Nietzche would read comic books, or at the very least graphic novels. I bet if Fred was alive today that Thus Spoke would have been a graphic novel.;-)