Friday, February 27, 2009

To dos

Ever have that feeling that you just can't get on top of ANYTHING? I'm there right now... I have so many various to do lists on the go and I'm not making headway on any of them... Sigh...

  • Do taxes
  • Figure out shower outfits for Sunday and in two weeks {and go shopping if need be}
  • Plan meals and groceries for next week
  • Clean my house!!!!
  • Thank yous organized
  • Reschedule all plans that had to be cancelled due to accident
  • Car seat research
  • Schedule hair appointment
  • Get imac keyboard fixed
  • Clean out my files
  • Figure out what we're doing with dining room
  • Get a doctor for my baby
  • Catch up on correspondance
  • Decide on basement flooring, do final measurements and order it
  • Wash and hem bedroom curtains
  • Change play tickets that conflict with schedule
  • Frame pitcures with broken glass
  • Order FLOR tiles for bebe's room
  • Get bathroom plumbing fixed
  • Get organized for next weekend's trip to Mt Tremblant
  • Put away all bebe gear from shower
  • Find Tintin poster for nursery
  • Organise back entrance to house
  • Find good recyclable batteries {anyone know of any?}

And on and on and on... I'm having one of those "I'm so overwhelmed I can't even move forward" moments, but hopefully I can power through these and more this weekend. Think happy thoughts...Here's a contented picture of Margot Tenenbaum hanging out in what is now the nursery window...


nicole said...

Hey Kaili - Bob's mom goes to Florida March 8th and we will be immediately ripiing apart her basement to find table legs as soon as her plane leaves the ground - So, feel free to scratch "Figure out what we're doing with dining room" off the list!!

Sara Christine said...

Ugh. Taxes. That's all I gotta say.

Have a lovely weekend! :)

La Belette Rouge said...

I think having a list with all of what I have to-do is half the battle. I feel like I can achieve anything if I have it down on a list. Good luck.