Friday, February 27, 2009

Mea Culpa

Sorry, dear and lovely readers, I haven't posted once this week and I apologize. While I have many good reasons, they are none of them an excuse for my bad manners...
  • I was in Quebec city for work from Sat-Tues
  • I have been working what seems like 24/7
  • LB was in a bike accident on Wednesday night {he's okay, but it wasn't pretty}
  • I'm taking care of him; and
  • I'm working some more

This weekend should be nice and quiet though. I need to spend some more time nursing my LB dearest, but it's also my first bebe shower so I'm super excited about that and need to get my outfit together ASAP!!!

have a lovely weekend, see you back on Monday. kisses, Kaili


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Patricia said...

Hello Kaili, I'm a long-time reader finally making a comment as I see I can do it now without a Google account. Anyway, I love your blog, all the lovely things you highlight, plus we used to live near Ottawa, so it's nice to hear of your life there. Congrats on the baby bump and sorry to hear of LB's accident. Take care both of you, Patricia