Friday, February 06, 2009

I have a problem

As part of my nesting efforts, I decided to get all of my clothes in order, and figure out which clothes I would be wearing during my year of maternity leave {yay Canada!}, and which I plan on keeping stored away {suits, etc...} As part of this, I brought home all of the shoes that I had stored at the office and brought together all of my bags and shoes scattered all over the house.

Then I stood back and got a little freaked out by my level of consumption. While it was nice to take inventory of all of of my stuff, it also reminded me of all of the lovely things that I have and how little I use them. For example, there are 7 kate spade bags, 2 Chanels, 3 Marc Jacobs, among others, on the bed. That should keep me going for the foreseeable future...

Then I took a complete shoe inventory and discovered 46 pairs {some not pictured here, could not shoot them all without a panoramic lens, which I don't have}, many of which are similar or serve the same purpose. Again, I don't think that I'll need to buy any shoes in the immediate days ahead.

After seeing this I am resolving to make better use of what I already own, severely limit my purchases in the coming months, and really enjoy the pieces that I have - I bought them for a reason, didn't I?

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Sara Christine said...

Oh I desperately need to take inventory too. Quite a collection you have! I think it's so important to be mindful of how and where one's money goes...I am so bad at doing that!

ps. You get a YEAR of maternity leave?? I'm clearly in the wrong country. ;)