Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Life of Leisure

Although I can never aspire to being a woman of leisure, I can get a little bit closer to enjoying my leisure time, thanks to Jordan's incredibly fabulous idea of the Leisure book. The entire concept is based on the idea that when we actually get some good free time, we never know what to do {LB and I had one of those maddening evenings last night} so this book is full of great ideas of how to spend that time! I can't get enough of this idea, I want to spend my whole day working on one now, but I should probably get some work done so that I still have money to do fun and lovely things...


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La Belette Rouge said...

I like to do nothing in my leisure time, well not always but often. So many times I want to just hang out with He-weasel and he is always wanting to "do" something. I am much more into being and less into doing.;-)