Tuesday, January 27, 2009


All of this talk about recessions and saving and scrimping and tightening our belts has made me really be careful about money. We switched to a cash-only system about a year ago, and it has been going really well, but for some reason the more people talk about the bad stuff going on out there, the more I just want to buy something really extravagant. I don't know why, and you can call me a bad person, but I am all of a sudden lusting for luxury. The Sprouse Speedy 30 seems to be catching my eye a lot lately, even though I sold my own Speedy 30 two years ago...

I'm not about to go crazy and buy it, but every once in a while it just tempts me oh so very much... do any of you notice the same temptation?

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La Belette Rouge said...

What a good present for you giving birth. Huh? You deserve a gift for labor? I say that there should be a gift for each hour of labor? Husband, are you listening?