Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classic French with a Twist

I ate at a fabulous new restaurant in Ottawa last Friday night, the Black Cat Bistro. Well, new insofar that it's in a new location, with a new menu and a new chef, but not so new since it was in the market for years. But Julie and I had an incredible meal there, the butternut squash bisque with porcini mushroom chips was perfect, the steak cooked just rare enough that this pregnant lady who abhors well-done meat could still appreciate it, the frites were crisp and hot, and the lemon tart was a perfect taste of Paris - simply lemon, dusted in confectioners' sugar. However there was a bit of a twist, they torched the top of the tart so that it had the same crunch as a crème brûlée.

The look is great and the chairs are among some of the comfiest I've ever sat on - it made it a pleasure to sit for a leisurely meal... {Photo via}

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