Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vintage Chic {but brand new}

My friend Laurin showed me this fabulous necklace yesterday and I knew that you would all love it too - the good folks in the BR accessories department have done it again! The brooch cluster necklace is lovely and well-priced, in my opinon, when you factor in all of the pieces...

For you DIY gals out there, you might be able to approximate the vibe with a piece of ribbon and some fabulous brooches...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Fall at Anthro

I really need to take a trip to Toronto to check out the Anthropologie stores they just opened - when the fall catalogue came today I spent about half an hour sitting on the porch forcing my mom to "look at this, isn't it pretty???!!!"

Personal faves include the puckered and pleated cardi, the havana sweatercoat, the revelations skirt, the sideswept sweater dress and the Barbera heels. Swoon. Plus all of the pictures were shot in NYC, London and Paris, making me want to travel so badly...

I have a feeling that this fall will be all about sweatercoats, comfy skirts and walkable shoes for me, since I will be off spending my days with the little man. These bridge that gap very nicely.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

I was at Pier 1 of all places yesterday, and happened to spot this wonderful vanity table - thanks to cousin Tara for the tip about their lovely mirrored pieces!

This vanity would be perfect in any fabulous girl's boudoir...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Milo update

Since our wee Emile is now over three months and is no longer so wee, I've posted some new pics on facebook - I've made them public so that you can access them here...

Trying to get back to posting, and not of bebe, but it's hard not to think of him when he looks like this - that Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt I'm wearing is my favourite of the summer...

Perfect Evening

We just had one of those amazing evenings - we hit our local park for some wonderful acting in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing performed by local actors A Company of Fools. It was funny and entertaining and well acted, and we just sat on a blanket and played with Milo {who was awesome except for at the very end} and ate some really good chips and drank some nice red wine and enjoyed a rare beautiful summer evening...

Total bliss.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunnies For Sale

I'm selling two pairs of sunglasses, in case anyone is interested. Prices in CDN dollars - If you're an American reader it's an even better deal for you! I'm clearing out a few things and I thought that I'd see if anyone was interested. Shipping will be extra if you're not in the Ottawa area, but email me if you're interested.

Turquoise Ray Ban Wayfarers : $100

MARC by Marc Jacobs sunglasses: $60

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life these Days

There are moments of sheer frustration, but on the whole life looks and feels a lot like these two shots. I have to say that the Nikon D40 my dad bought us was one of the best gifts we could have gotten with a new bebe - such great pictures!

I can't believe that he's already 9 weeks old - he's developing a little personality, and he seems to have gotten my red hair. We couldn't imagine life without him.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Here's to all of my fabulous Canadian readers and this wonderful country we call home. Enjoy the day drinking a Labatt cinquante while wearing your old Beaver Canoe tshirt {it's amazing- there's really no Beaver Canoe web presence, you'd think there would be a cult following but I guess it did go out of business over 20 years ago. Instead, here is a photo of the noble beaver in action.}

We're celebrating with a brunch for some friends at our place and then planning on heading downtown for some of the free festivities, but we don't want to hang out on the hill with the stroller and fight the crowds after the fireworks, so we'll be home nice and early to hang out and teach Milo O Canada in both official languages.

Bonne fete du Canada mes amis!{Image via}

Bike Dreams

I have to walk by this bike several times a week, in all of its beauty, at one of our local bike shops -and it's been going on for two years! Every time they sell it, I think that it will finally end the cycle of temptation {pun intended}, but then another magically appears. sigh... As much as I keep trying to resist it, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I accidentally bought it one day. But I do keep trying...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My new obsession is the fabulous headbands by Petit Chapeau. They are absolutely perfect, and make any outfit feel a bit more whimsical. I am especially loving them these days because I can't wear some of my more whimsical pieces post-bebe...

I have only seen them at Victoire {who now have online shopping!} but I can attest to their fabulous Blair Waldorf meets Grey Gardens vibe...

{Images via Victoire}

Friday, May 29, 2009

New National

Apparently today's music Friday. Since I am at home most of the day lately and we don't have cable, I spend a ridiculous amount of time listening to our national broadcaster, the CBC. Now I have always been a public radio junkie but this is getting out of hand. Last Friday I was totally rewarded though, with a wonderful half hour interview with the National. {Wonderful comments on the band, and not on Jian Gomeshi. Still on the fence about him, after all this time...}

The National played an unreleased and as of yet untitled song which led to 6 minutes of quiet bliss where Milo and I just sat and listened to the wonderful melancholy melody...

Au Revoir Simone

I'm obsessed with the new record Still Light, Still Night by the fabulous Brooklyn ladies Au Revoir Simone. Check it out, you will not be disappointed. Normally I don't like a lot of keyboards in band, but this one is totally worth the exception. Plus, they were on CBC radio last week and they were just so lovely and nice and down to earth, so it's the best of both worlds...why can't more musicians be like that?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

katie cardigan

I'm prepared to make a trip to the states just to get this cardigan, I was just complaining to Laurin the other day that I own 7 black cardigans and none that add a punch of colour...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beary Busy

I'm sorry, I've been unmotivated to post of late. I find myself sitting at the computer and don't feel like writing, nor do I feel like finding pretty things to write about. I mostly feel like purging and organizing everything around the house and cuddling this awesome little peanut {who looks hilariously cross-eyed in this photo}.

I'm either going to give up blogging or go at it whole hog, I'm debating it internally and don't want to make a rush decision.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rock Plaza Central

LB and I have picked our first official date night- to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary we are going to leave Milo in the capable hands of my parents and head out to dinner and then to see one of our favourite acts, Rock Plaza Central. They have a new album coming out, but we both love love love their last record, Are We Not Horses, a concept album centred entirely on the existence of mechanical robot horses from the future. I know that it seems crazy, but you really end up feeling for those horses by the end of the record. The full sound with the banjo, the horns, the violins, they are a really talented and just plain fun group and a great way to spend our "first night out".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hula Dreams

Check out the fabulous summer hula video over at kate spade. I can't even hula under normal circumstances, let alone while wearing a cute dress and shoes and carrying an awesome summer purse - I want that fringe bag, it would be the perfect summer accessory, and one of those great mid-winter pops of colour that make me think of kate herself...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mon Coco

I have already developed many nicknames for Milo, in both official languages of course, with peanut/pinotte and button/bouton taking the lead, but the most persistent is mon coco. It sort of translates to my cutie, and it describes him quite well. Imagine my surprise and delight when the Lil Bee posted these necklaces, and I found one that says "Mon Coco" on it!

Can't wait to get it, and then he will grab it and choke me and it will be so cute and I'll just laugh while choking...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Motherhood has its perks

Although LB had to work on Mothers' Day {it's hard to take the day off when you work at one of the city's busiest brunch spots!}, I managed to have a lovely day with Milo. My dad made my mom and I a pancake breakfast, we did some book shopping {I'm reading a ton while I nurse, I'm going through books at a pretty rapid speed...} and then Laurin and Casey came over to watch Milo while I did a few things around the house and then we went to my in-laws' where the men made dinner for all of the moms, which was lovely.

I didn't get a specific mothers' day gift, rather LB bought me an omnibus gift back in February to cover several years of valentine's gifts not received, the fact that I was having a bebe, and my mothers' day- it's a beautiful classic, and it goes with everything, even yoga pants {I admit to having cracked a couple of times in the past few weeks and worn them in public, against my own style rules - but I'll never wear crocs out of my garden, so we're still cool, right?}

Nothing says I love you quite like Chanel - I'd take one of these over a diamond every single time. That's how I know I married the right man - he gets that.

Crafty Cousin

Not that she'd ever brag about it, but I will. My darling cousin Tara made Milo the prettiest felt craft, which we absolutely adore. Readers will know that I'm a sucker for anything with a bird on it, and when you actually make me a felted bird's nest, I pretty much swoon...

Since Milo's only two weeks old, I'll play with it for safekeeping for the time being...

Friday, May 08, 2009

Skirting the issue

The thing that I am most excited about wearing post-bebe are my pretty printed summer skirts. I'm not quite there yet, but I've got them all hanging and ready for the minute they fit again. I'd love this one, it would make a lovely look, swishing along on a walk or sitting on a blanket, having a lovely late spring picnic in the park...

{sorry about the small image, I'm getting used to blogging from a different computer...}

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hello Kaili's readers, LB here to announce that Emile Oscar has arrived. At 8 lbs 14 ozs, he isn't a particular little bundle of joy, but we are very glad to have him anyway. Kaili will be back soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I've refrained from posting a ton of kid's stuff over the past 38 1/2 weeks, but I thought that I'd show you a few shots of my new office, where I'll be spending a lot of my time over the next while... I love this room so much for a few reasons - it's such a personal space, we've managed to incorporate a lot of things from our respective childhoods here that have a lot more meaning than things we could find in the stores, it's exactly how I pictured it looking, whether we had a boy or a girl, and we did the whole thing for very little money... the only new things purchased were the crib and mattress, and the Eames rocker and Tintin poster - everything else was either found in parents' basements or given to us by our overwhelmingly generous family and friends.

My mom and I took basic white curtains from IKEA that I've had for years and just added the striped fabric to the edges. We also made curtain ties, a pillow and the crib skirt from the same fabric. You can also see the fabulous Orla diaper bag Liam and Shannon bought me.

We caved and bought a knock-off Eames rocker, I've always loved them and this way we can put it in the living room when we're no longer using it here. I painted the walls a very soft beigey-yellow last year and decided to keep it, an easy and neutral base for the orange, yellow and turquoise colour scheme.

This wall is my favourite thing in the nursery - it's made up of things that Liam and I had in our rooms as kids, few cross-stitches that my mother in law made, as well as a few thrift acquisitions and the kitty from Laurin. The clown in the middle hung over our change tables when we were kids and held diaper pins...

We didn't want to lose the bed from the previous guest room, so we elected to make it work. I think that it will come in handy for naps for me. The crib is from IKEA and the quilt was bought for me as a child and used by both Liam and I. The bedspread is a vintage yellow chenille, and the afghan was made by my fabulous aunt Linda. Most of the toys on the shelf are toys we had as kids...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signs of Spring

Nothing makes me feel happier and springier than taking off my socks and wearing cute ballet flats barefoot. These were a steal at $17 from the local grocery store's Joe fresh style section. Some days they fit, other days my feet are a bit too swollen, but they always make me smile.

{Grandpapa bought the bebe a Nikon D40 for his birth present, so LB's been playing around with it a lot - we bought a 1.8 lens for it in addition to the 18-55 lens it came with, and that was the best investment we've made in a while.}

One Last Belly Shot

I'm being induced on Saturday, and while I have mixed feelings about induction, I am so excited to meet this wee lad that I can't wait to get there! I figured that it was time for a final belly shot {this is for you Tara-tara} to help remember how insanely enormous this boy got at the end, hence the induction a week early. I have loved being pregnant and have been beyond lucky, so I really have nothing to complain about. Plus, I get to have a beautiful little boy in a few days so it's all worth it.

I might not post for a few days next week, but LB will be sure to throw up a picture once he's arrived.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Heart Orla

Thanks to the lovely Paige of I Heart You, who is also expecting a wee boy in the coming months so must be thinking about comfy and cute shoes like I am, for the link to these fabulous Orla Kiely flip flops. They will be perfect for my days spent wiling away in the lap of luxury, since as several people have so kindly pointed out to me - I'm off for a whole year with nothing to do. I'd like to point out that these people are usually without kids and don't quite get the concept of not sleeping for a year.

These flip flops are perfect for me though, and they match my fabulous Orla diaper bag.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's not easy to find a lot of cool French stuff to decorate a nursery with, places like Etsy abound with incredible homemade stuff, all printed in English, unfortunately. But luckily TinTin, a childhood favourite of mine, is a classic choice for any child's room, or an office or anywhere really, depending on how big a fan you are. I found this TinTin poster to be a perfect match to my nursery colours, and it's child-friendly while not being kiddish.

L'Etoile Mystérieuse, c.1942 Art Print by Hergé (Georges Rémi)

Monday, April 20, 2009


We made it to Montreal last Thursday evening to see the one and only Neko Case, despite my fears of early labour and the fact that Montreal was semi-shut down due to the fact that everyone was inside watching the Canadiens play the Bruins. It was worth all of the efforts and the whirlwind 12-hour trip, and the bebe seemed to enjoy it as much as we did - it seemed like he was dancing.

She had a screen set up as part of her stage show, and I had trouble paying attention to her during "People Got a Lot of Nerve" because the video for it is incredible. I'd love to get a bunch of stills from this video to decorate a little girl's room. Or mine for that matter. It's totally worth the 2 and a half minutes.

Friday, April 17, 2009


So it's been decided! As long as the wee bebe is happy and healthy, we are taking off on a bit of a European vacation with him this fall. I'm so excited, and it gives me something to plan for to help alleviate the fear I'm having about being detached from my work.

We're going to rent an apartment in Paris for a week {will share the info once we've booked} for LB, the bebe and me, and then he will head home to get back to work and I will head across the Channel to spend a week with Liam and Shannon in their Battersea flat for some more London fun. I'm also optimistic that October in Paris and London will be a little less wet than November in both of those cities - we've had some pretty bad timing in the past.

I think that it's wonderful that I get a year off with a very generous top up from my employer and am planning on making the absolute most of it. I'm thinking of other schemes, but nothing has taken shape enough to talk about it just yet.

Lovely Swimwear

Thanks to the new issue of Real Simple, I'm daydreaming about beautiful and flattering post-bebe swimwear. The line of one pieces by Malia Mills is right up my alley - so beautiful!Malia Mills floral one-piece swimwear

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I got a friend and co-worker hooked on 30 Rock recently. Since watching it, he's taken to calling me Lemon, because I have a Lemon-type of job and spend a lot of my time fixing other peoples' messes, or preventing catastrophes from happening. I love it - I've never had a great nickname, and this one is great on so many levels, not the least of which being my massive crush on Tina Fey.

LB however believes that I'm different from Lemon in a few key ways - have my life more together, am less likely to let small things turn into an international affair, etc... so has taken to calling me Lime. And I like that one too. His other nickname for me is Tex, which I also like, but has never caught on. Maybe I'm just not a nickname kinda gal? {Which is another reason the Lemon moniker suits me...}

{Image via}

Bible Stories for Adults

One of my favourite satirists, Jonathan Goldstein {host of the fabulous CBC program Wiretap}, has just released his take on some of the most famous biblical stories - my favourite is such an obvious one, the telling of the immaculate conception from Joseph's point of view, but the whole thing is hilarious. I read it in a day last week over the Easter weekend, it seemed appropriate.
It's a whole lot of blasphemous good times!

New Obsession

I've been a strict brown-bagger for most of my life - I don't understand buying my lunch everyday, that money is for things like handbags and shoes and clothes! However, these last few days I've been working early mornings to get ready for my impending year off {I know, I'm super lucky, but I'm starting to get hives at the prospect of being away from work that long!} and the packed lunch has fallen by the wayside. To avoid overindulging in terrible take out, I've been looking for fresh and healthy alternatives for lunches in the downtown core. It's amazing how crummy lunch options are downtown, considering how many people work down here - people just seem so willing to line up forever and eat mediocre to terrible food.

Anyways, ranting aside - this new place, Toss it Up, takes care of all of my concerns. Fresh salads that you make with fabulous ingredients, or you can choose one of their pre-made options, they have wraps, bulk snacks, frozen yogurt, delicious drinks, everything that you could want for lunch. It's a good thing that I'm going on leave or I'd be broke from eating there all the time! They even deliver and allow you to order online and just pick it up...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Pesach

I've been sick for a week now, apologies for the crummy posting. I'm starting to feel human again, and know that a good four-day weekend will leave me feeling top notch. I need to get better, this bebe isn't going to hang around much longer!

We had the first of the two seders last night over at LB's parents' house and it was lovely. So much food, the brisket was incredible, Daphna made her fabulous macaroons, and I managed to make a trifle that was kosher for pesach. Good ol' Martha, always coming through with the good seder desserts! I played with the recipe a bit, but it was still yummy and kosher.

These are the weeks where it's a challenge to be married to someone of a different cultural background - normally I revel in it because I never have to worry about double booking special holidays and dividing time between families, but because of where pesach falls this year, I am doing two nights of family dinners with his family, and then two more nights of dinners with mine. That's a whole lot of sitting and eating, but I shouldn't complain, I know...

Strawberry Lemon Trifle

Travel with Bebe

I am scheming about taking a month this fall and visiting Liam and Shannon in London and taking an extended holiday in Paris. Have found a few good apartment options, the challenge is to convince LB that this is in fact the brilliant idea I believe it to be...
But how much fun would that be?!??! Me and the wee one, touring around Paris, eating delicious treats, and spending time getting to know my favourite city even better...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Gumdrop Cookies

My lil' bro and I used to make these when we were little, and I've been thinking about busting out the recipe again for old times' sake... They are amazing and the oatmeal helps to balance out the sweetness. We always used baking gums, because they are small and don't need to be chopped, and are not covered in additional sugar...

Preheat oven to 350 degrees...

1 c. butter
1 c. granulated sugar
1 c. brown sugar
Cream butter and sugars.

Mix together:
2 tsp. cold water
1 tsp. soda
Add to creamed mixture.

Sift together:
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt

Add to mixture.

2 c. oatmeal
1 c. colored gumdrops, finely cut {use baking gums}

1 c. coconut

Spoon onto greased cookie sheets and flatten with a fork. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.


My super sweet colleagues threw me a surprise breakfast baby shower, complete with scones and sparkling grape juice and advice on how to raise a child - don't shake it was a big one. They also totally spoiled me with this fabulous Oeuf Lounger, something that LB and I coveted long before this wee one existed...

For some ridiculous reason, they have discontinued the gender-neutral and decor-friendly brown and cream version in favour of brown and pink and brown and blue, so I'm really happy that we were able to get under the wire and get ours in this combo...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Exciting Week

I know that I'm supposed to be scaling back on my activities, but some weeks just creep up on you without realizing it! I'm excited about all of the fun stuff on my plate, but I will try to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water and eat lots of good nutritious food for the bebe...

  • Pizza night with the girls tonight {I can wear yoga pants, so I'm okay!}
  • Party planning and Aquafit tomorrow {people keep dropping out of the class b/c they've gone into labour}
  • Coffee with Lori on Wednesday
  • Coffee with Daphna on Thursday
  • Picking up my parents from their London trip {and seeing all of the goodies they brought back!} and dinner party prep on Thursday
  • Dinner party at our house on Friday
  • Engagement luncheon for some dear friends on Saturday afternoon {details next week, at least one of them reads my blog!}
  • Birthday dinner for my cousin on Saturday night
  • Breakfast with Genny-G on Sunday morning
  • Dinner with Laurin and Casey on Sunday night

A big thank you to Jordan for all of her amazing party posts - I needed some inspiration last week for upcoming parties and my repertoire was feeling a bit tired... I'm far more energized after lovely shots like this!


Now don't tell my mother about these plans - she hasn't figured out how to look at my blog yet other than direct links, so I should be fine...- she gave me a big talk about my need to scale back my activities before the bebe's arrival...

Weekend Post-Mortem

What fun was had, such sleep needed to recover!

Friday night started with a crush of errands on the way home and then Julie and Aaron came over for dinner - LB made hamburgers on the grill, it was amazing. Just low-key catching up with friends while we still have the chance to have an uninterrupted adult conversation.

Saturday I spent the day spring cleaning and getting things in order, anxiously awaiting cousin Tara and her husband Marc's arrival! They got here late afternoon, and they spoiled us rotten with amazing gifts for the bebe - she is an Etsy genius!!! We did an emergency run to Kiehl's for some supplies, and then met some friends for yummy Chinese and then headed out to see the Constantines and the Weakerthans. The venue was terrible {I have never felt more as though the promoter was trying to make a buck at the expense of my enjoyment}, but the night was lots of fun.

Sunday morning, we woke up to grey and threatening skies. We had a delicious breakfast of scones and then decided to brave the weather to go for a walk down to the shops near us. Well we got soaked, but we also got candy and travel mugs and camera bags, so it all worked out... We picked up tons of bagels at the Bagelshop and then had a late lunch at the Murray St Charcuterie. The food was incredible. The service? Not so much...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Malted Balls

I have never been a fan of malt balls - Whoppers? ugh. Maltesers? don't even bother. However, the lovely people at the Candy Store introduced me to these delicious Koppers malted balls last year, and it was a whole other ball park. They are so delicious and tasty, nothing like those nasty artificial tasting imitators.... My personal fave is the mint chocolate, followed closely by vanilla and raspberry, but apparently the ultimate chocolate with 4 layers of chocolate is a delight as well. Look for them at fine retailers near you, but in Ottawa, the only place to get them is the Candy Store. The only catch is getting them when they're in stock - they go fast!

Mint Cookies Malted Milk Balls

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

500 Days of Summer

At this point, I don't think that I would mind if that happened. However, this reference is to the sweetest and best movie trailer I've seen in a long time, starring two of my fave actors - Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. 500 Days of Summer is a story about love and then falling out of love and it just looks like it was made for me. The tagline is "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't."

Thanks to LB for being so dilligent about upcoming movies and making we watch trailers with him every week, even though I usually hate it.

{Image via}

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovey

I took a few days off from work and blooging to reboot and recharge last week, and I almost forgot to wish my one and only a fabulous 30th birthday! You're my best friend and my love and you're going to be an incredible father. He's been working hard to finish off the nursery lately, and he's got a busy month installing basement floors and fixing the bathroom plumbing...
love you more than anything in the world...

Play a bit

I went for dinner at Stephen Beckta's newest creation, play food and wine last week. My friend Anne and I try to keep in touch with dinners at nice places every few months, and since we don't have to pay for our husbands too, we can afford a bit of a splurge! I had the scallops to start, which were sublime, with bacon, oyster mushrooms and edamame, and then the steak frites, with a garlic aioli and some cinnamom-flavoured mushroons. I finished with a wee banana split, with homemade pineapple sauce. It was truly divine. The whole concept of the place is based around small plates - you order smaller portions at a somewhat smaller price. You'd have to be careful though - it could get away from you very quickly.

Two small criticisms: the shade of blue is institutional and made us think of elementary school painted cinder block, and the hand towels in the bathrooom are disposable. When you're paying that kind of price for dinner, someone can afford to do a load of laundry here...

Bicycle Lust...

I don't think that it's wrong that I love this bike so much that I keep thinking about it. I almost impulse bought it on Friday, but then realized that I had no way of getting it home since I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. But it will be mine. Soon. I'm in serious lust with this bike friends!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

I picked up one of these a little while ago, and I love it. Unlike stainless travel mugs, it can go in the microwave, plus it looks fabulously deceptive. You do have to be careful, since it is porcelain, but it's been keeping my decaf nice and warm all week, plus it doesn't hold the crusty coffee smell like my stainless mugs do so the transition between decaf and herbal tea is less gross...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Post Mortem

Phew! I'm feeling the pressure, only 7 weeks until my due date - these weekends are becoming very precious in terms of getting things done.

Friday I ran home from work to get a much-needed haircut {I was shocked - it had been over three months since the last one!}, then picked up some last minute items and then hosted my bus strike carpool for dinner. LB made his famous ribs and an eggplant parmigiana for me and our vegetarian guest {I don't like ribs, too much work!} we talked and laughed and I managed to stay up past 11!!! We then cleaned up quickly and hopped in the car to go and look after Simon, Bob and Nicole's fabulous dog for the weekend.

Saturday morning came way too early - a quick walk with Simon and then home to finish the clean up and meet with our doula - she's an old friend and I think that it will be great to work with her. Then got myself gussied up and headed over to mom's for bebe shower #2 - it was a ton of fun and we were ridiculously spoiled. A nice relaxing family dinner where LB was again asked to make his famous ribs, this time with chicken, and then back to walk Simon and crash. He's not a small dog, so sleeping was a bit of a challenge...

Sunday morning I wrote thank you cards and organised my lists of things to do and purchase over the next 7 weeks, walked Simon in the sun, and then headed out for a few returns and exchanges and acquisitions. I spent the entire afternoon doing loads of very small laundry, putting away oodles of stuff, and getting the house in shape. LB got us Chinese for dinner and we went to be nice and early after getting caught up on our 30Rock.

Charmed, I'm Sure

I've been searching for a good gold vintage charm bracelet as part of my look for summer this year, and I found a lovely one over on good ol' Etsy. I tried to do my usual and just take something from mom, but she only had a silver one, unfortunately... I am digging this with a pair of trouser jeans, a nice top to hide the post-bebe bump, and a pair of flats or cons or sparkly sandals...

Golden Charm Bracelet

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have always been a Chanel girl, from about the age of 18 and up. But these Miss Dior Chérie commercials by Sofia Coppola make me want to try the perfume. And go back to Paris right now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


And for the record, the stroller's pretty snazzy too... We decided on a Bugaboo Frog, because they're fabulously well-built, look good, and because we are just those people. I love products that are pretty and functional too!

Bit of Bling

I saw these sandals at Trustfund last week and I can't stop thinking about them {that means that I automatically get to buy them, right Laurin?}. They would dress up a pair of jeans a plain t, make a summery dress a little more exciting, and really just take any normal everyday outfit up a notch or two.

Is it ridiculous for me to walk around pushing a stroller and wearing these?