Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Understated Elegance

One thing that I have always wanted to make/have my mom make me is a beautiful taffeta ballgown skirt. There is something so elegant about them, and you can just change the top according to the occasion - crisp white shirt, beautiful sweater, sequined shell top, a big chunky necklace and you're ready in no time flat and look incredibly elegant. Plus, when you're my height, you take any opportunity you have to make yourself look taller! I find that lately all party dresses are super short cute little things and while I do love that look, I am also simultaneously craving something elegant, classic and timeless.

This skirt from Jcrew is stunning, but out of my price range and totally impractical this year - but it will give me a project for next chrismukkah!


Daphna said...

That skirt, in kelly green, is EXACTLY what I want to wear with the top of my wedding dress. But $575?! Definitely a sewing project.

La Belette Rouge said...

I have such a skirt in a tartan plaid. I never have a chance to wear it.