Friday, December 05, 2008

Karim Rashid

I have very mixed feelings about this man. Being a fellow Carleton graduate, I want to sing his praises and encourage his innovative appraoch to design. Given that my lil' bro did the same program as him and is working as an industrial designer, I want to be able to hold Karim Rashid's name up as a stellar example of the quality of work coming out of that school.

However, I have a mostly hate-love relationship with his work. The pink umbra chairs, the pink molded plastic love chairs for veuve cliquot, his excessive use of petroleum-based plastics in a time where a search for alternatives would be more appropriate, you get the idea... When AT featured his pad last week, I had to email lil bro and point out the craziness. I don't even know where to rest my eyes. I have a feeling that madness would set in if I had to stare at these photos for awhile, let alone even step foot in there. It's like the Jetsons brought to life, but not in a completely good way...

I will, however, say that this desk completely rocks. I don't love the design, but I love the fact that it hides the desk clutter. Note the silver umbra "Garbino" trash can, one of his early iconic designs.


Daphna said...

Apparently this answers the question "How self-referential can one man's house be?"

La Belette Rouge said...

This is not my design cup of tea. It is too demanding for my taste. I am not sure what I mean about that---but that is the word that came up when I looked at his work.