Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea #3 - Pampering

A couple of ideas from Sephora to make you all shiny, happy and glowing. I stopped in a few days ago looking for face cream, and while I ended up buying my standby Olay Complete at the drugstore {I use Olay Complete during the day - SPF, and La Mer at night - it's my splurge}, I left with a few goodies.

Nars Super Orgasm blush - like my favourite blush, only better. I've been using Orgasm for years now, but the super orgasm is a little prettier, a little glitterier, and I find that it gives a more even glow to your complexion, all other conditions for application remaining the same. And at $25, it's a way to treat yourself without blowing the bank. It's also a great gift idea because it is one of those gifts that's under $30 that people need anyways...
Blush - Super Orgasm
Secondly I picked up Philosophy's coconut frosting salt scrub. I've been finding my skin ridiculously dry lately, and while it could be the pregnancy, it could also be the fact that the weather has been insane for December... This salt scrub is perfect. It smells divine - we passed it around the office - and it makes my skin all soft and glowing, ready for another day. Warning: it might make you crave coconut cake or cream pies, my all-time favourite dessert.Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub

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La Belette Rouge said...

You say it will make you crave coconut cake or cream pies like it is a bad thing!! Yummy!!