Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fondue Party

I am hosting a little fondue party chez nous this weekend. I love hosting fondue parties because they are a simple, relaxed cosy way to spend your Saturday night. I always have them around the coffee table in the living room, with everyone sitting on comfy chairs, the couch or cushions with blankets.

I start with a few light munchies, like olives and breadsticks. Then onto cheese fondue {this Williams-Sonoma recipe is a classic fave} with big hunks of dense, dark bread. I don't find that lighter breads taste as good and they don't get as cheese coated either. Beside that, a hot fondue for meat {use Chinese broth instead of oil for a lighter taste and less greasy meat}, little boiled potatoes {I often use canned}, and some peppers. A few dipping sauces for the meats and you're laughing.

For dessert, always a chocolate fondue. I like to make mine with a giant Toblerone bar {especially festive this time of year} and melt it in the microwave {on half power otherwise it will burn} and then pair it with strawberries, banana, pineapple and a cut up pound cake. The cake is a fabulous little treat and unexpected for new guests.

You don't need to go overboard on the decor, because the table is crammed with all of the fondue pots, food and accessories. Some tealights or votives around the room, flowers on the bar, and voilĂ  - a lovely evening in with friends!

Classic Cheese Fondue

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