Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flat Attack

As the holiday party season appraoches, I am feeling the need to get a pair of lovely flats to go with my as of yet unpurchased holiday dress. Heels are not super comfy these days, and some people do not welcome in their homes when entertaining, but a brand new pair of soft soled sparkling clean and super cute flats is the best way to complete an outfit and keep a hostess happy!

Since I don't have the dress yet, I could just pick the shoes and then go from there. Most of the dresses I've seen are black anyways, so might as well rock the shoes. I've been daydreaming about the following from jcrack.

The Babette:
And just in case we go to some random hall where I can dance in heels, the Carmens:


Sara Christine said...

The Babette! Be still my heart! So so pricey though. I can only admire from afar.

Isadora said...

I'll take the Carmen...I can dream can't I - my feet would never tolerate something so narrow :( I've lived in Birkenstock beach sandals that conform to my feet for the past decade.