Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea #1

I'm headed out of town this weekend with my parents for our annual family shopping trip. I don't have many gifts left to buy, but I always like to go and check out the shops, especially when this trip includes Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. I am particularly excited because Canada has its first Crate and Barrel, so I've been scoping out some ideas.

I particularly like this Laurie cake pedestal, as I said to Laurin yesterday - a girl can have 7 cake plates, right? The colours match my kitchen accents really well and it's just adorable.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Banquette Dreams

We will have been living in our house for one year as of Sunday and we are starting to really know what we want to do with the space. We are planning on having a talented friend build us some banquette seating under our kitchen window in order to add some seating without taking up any extra space. It will also increase our storage space, as the benches will all open to reveal things like the crock pot and the food processor...

This is my ultimate dream, it's gorgeous but unattainable in our space and because I could never afford Saarinen table that size {from a recent issue of Domino, but image via here}

This is more what it will look like, minus all the red. We have a black and white 50s diner set in our kitchen that will serve as the anchor for the design. {Image via}

Then we will face the awesome job of trying to find lighting that we don't hate and that doesn't break the budget...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Colbert Christmas

Did anyone else catch his special on Sunday night? I didn't even know that it was on, but happened to catch a preview and we stayed up all the way to 10pm to watch it. It was pretty funny, with appearances by Feist, John Legend, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, John Stewart and some pretty fabulous furry Sorels on Stephen Colbert's feet...All original songs by the artists involved, lots of good satirical moments, bear maulings, a tribute to egg nog, Willie Nelson as a very high wise man, what else can a gal want this holiday season?

Stephen Colbert's "Christmas" special celebrates frankincense and mirth.
{Image via}
And in case you missed it, he did take the time to tell us that it would be on sale in time for holiday shopping...

Bah Humbug!

I love the whimsy of this coin purse. I, however, am not a coin purse kind of gal. I have tried on more than one occasion and it never works out for me. I am also not a makeup bag in purse kind of gal either, no matter how much I have tried to care enough to retouch my makeup during the day. I'm too ADD for that...

Monday, November 24, 2008


I fell in love with these Campers while shopping in Covent Garden in London. Having just left the Orla shop with my new bag, I didn't feel like spending more money at that moment, but I'm regretting it everyday. I kept meaning to go back but alas, I did not. They are perfect shoes, a great colour, a wedge heel for the slightly off-balance woman, and infinitely wearable. I have another pair of Camper Twins shoes and I adore them - similar but not identical...


Santa...I'm a size 38, just in case you're reading...

Souvenir of London

We didn't go crazy on the shopping in London, getting a few nice things and of course stopping in at Orla Kiely, but we did make a point of getting a "London in a Bag" at MUJI for the wee one who made the trip with us but doesn't know it yet.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fondue Party

I am hosting a little fondue party chez nous this weekend. I love hosting fondue parties because they are a simple, relaxed cosy way to spend your Saturday night. I always have them around the coffee table in the living room, with everyone sitting on comfy chairs, the couch or cushions with blankets.

I start with a few light munchies, like olives and breadsticks. Then onto cheese fondue {this Williams-Sonoma recipe is a classic fave} with big hunks of dense, dark bread. I don't find that lighter breads taste as good and they don't get as cheese coated either. Beside that, a hot fondue for meat {use Chinese broth instead of oil for a lighter taste and less greasy meat}, little boiled potatoes {I often use canned}, and some peppers. A few dipping sauces for the meats and you're laughing.

For dessert, always a chocolate fondue. I like to make mine with a giant Toblerone bar {especially festive this time of year} and melt it in the microwave {on half power otherwise it will burn} and then pair it with strawberries, banana, pineapple and a cut up pound cake. The cake is a fabulous little treat and unexpected for new guests.

You don't need to go overboard on the decor, because the table is crammed with all of the fondue pots, food and accessories. Some tealights or votives around the room, flowers on the bar, and voilĂ  - a lovely evening in with friends!

Classic Cheese Fondue

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flat Attack

As the holiday party season appraoches, I am feeling the need to get a pair of lovely flats to go with my as of yet unpurchased holiday dress. Heels are not super comfy these days, and some people do not welcome in their homes when entertaining, but a brand new pair of soft soled sparkling clean and super cute flats is the best way to complete an outfit and keep a hostess happy!

Since I don't have the dress yet, I could just pick the shoes and then go from there. Most of the dresses I've seen are black anyways, so might as well rock the shoes. I've been daydreaming about the following from jcrack.

The Babette:
And just in case we go to some random hall where I can dance in heels, the Carmens:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If only my tree were like this...

And for the record, that purse is called the Kaylee. That's right, Kaylee. Not spelled right, but when you spend your entire life growing up with a name that you can never find those personalized brushes or pencils on at the store, you take what you can get...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Never have I ever been so glad to get home. We had an amazing trip and saw so many incredible things, but Liam, Shannon, LB and I all got sick during the week and travelling when you're sick {not to go into details, but I threw up in the Saatchi Gallery, the coolest and most modern art gallery I've ever been to - pretty awesome times, but I kept going!} and pregnant is a challenge.

Today will be devoted to loads of laundry, a big hot bubble bath, cleaning and organising the house and running a few errands. Back to work and regular posting tomorrow!

In the meantime, here's a lovely shot of LB and I in the backs at Trinity College at Cambridge. Plus you can see my fab Marc by Marc Jacobs tam and my brand new Orla Kiely bag, my big splurge while in London...

Friday, November 07, 2008

London Calling...

I'm leaving tomorrow for the rainy paradise that is London. I'm so excited to see Liam and Shannon that I almost screamed this morning when I realized that I only had one more sleep till I get to see them. I've never been away from my lil' bro for this long in my entire life {crazy, but true...we're a close family}

I'm almost all packed, and I think that I managed to keep it compact but versatile. I need outfits for 8 days, and we're not going anywhere super swanky, so it's not too bad. I'm a pretty light traveller, I hate bringing things that I don't wear. I make a list of outfits and stick to it!
  • Floral chiffon H&M dress - super cute, all cobalt and turquoise and plum
  • Green jersey wrap dress - comfy, versatile, easy
  • Jeans
  • Jean skirt
  • Horse turtleneck sweater - raddest sweater ever
  • black v-neck sweater
  • 2 long-sleeved tops
  • Black cardigan
  • Tights, tanks for layering
  • gold flats
  • black ankle booties
  • Wellies
  • Beige trenchcoat
  • a few scarves for colour
  • Assorted bird and heart jewellery
  • Gloves

I will take a zillion picks and post them all when I get back. Have a lovely week - I will post sporadically. We haven't been on holiday for a long time.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Movies I'm Excited About

Happy Go Lucky - apparently oh so cute and funny. And it's Mike Leigh...

Synedoche, NY - the trailer looks phenomenal, and with that cast, how could you go wrong?

I have Loved you for So Long {Il y a longtemps que je t'aime} - I am fascinated by the trailer of this movie and have heard rave reviews.

Rachel Getting Married - I'll get there one day. I keep missing it at our rep cinema.

who do you heart?

After reading all about Joanna's fabulous proposal, the icing on the cake was that she happened to be carrying her "I heart AW" tote with her that day {see below}. I thought this was such a cute idea that I had to check out the source she mentioned, Dahl and Dane. A few emails later, and I will have my very own "I heart LB" tote just in time for chrismukkah.

Because having his bebe is not the only way I can show him how much I heart him...


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lucky Charm

Found via design*sponge, these horseshoe planners from Sarah Pinto are the closest I've ever come to looking away from my first love, kate spade. If only having two planners wouldn't make things harder and not easier...

I'm an Architect

Our dear friend Ari was recently in NYC for the weekend and picked up this hilarious Vandelay Industries tote for LB and I. We are huge Seinfeld fans, so it's a fun bag for schlepping around while doing errands - always puts a smile on your face!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Clean and Organized

I lust after these Tubtrugs. Made from recycled plastic, they are perfect all-purpose tubs for around the house. What I'd like is three to line the bottom of our closet - lights, darks, and LB's work clothes that I don't want touching my stuff. {he works in a kitchen, remember? It can start to smell after a while, even the smells that used to be amazing, like freshly baked bread - it loses its lustre...} They're lightweight, easy to clean out and come in different colours so they're perfect for around the house, in the garden, the trrunk of the car, etc...

TUBTRUGS Recycled Range