Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Post Mortem

Well last week was a week of light posting, for which I apologize. Last weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing as I was in total agony and the week started out with an emergency root canal. The week didn't improve much from there, swamped at work, etc... but this is a new week kickstarted by a lovely weekend!

LB and I spent Friday night at home, watching Joy Division and eating homemade bacon jalapeno pizza - so good, if you've never tried it, do so quickly!!!

Saturday morning we got up early and went for a long walk and checked out a bunch of antique shops and boutiques in Ottawa South. We bought a few gifts, did a few errands, and enjoyed a gorgeous fall day. We then went for lunch, beers and the kickoff of the NHL season at the Prescott with LB's friends {I excused myself after awhile. I love hockey, but hanging out with 5 boys can be a bit much}. I headed home and baked pumpkin muffins, chocolate crunch cookies, and a roasted vegetable lasagna. After such a long day, we ended up crashing on the couch and watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall {which I actually really really enjoyed} instead of going out.

Sunday I was up early due to an excessive amount of sleep and spent the morning cleaning and organising and planning my outfits for the week. I then did some shopping and went to visit my parents who finally came home after a 7 1/2 week cross-country drive to Alaska. I'm such a suck, I missed my parents so much. We had pizza, watched Mad Men and then headed home for an early bedtime...

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