Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great use of colour

I love this room from AT's colour contest. I also really like the way he's filled the fireplace with books. I've been disappointed with my display in my {non-working} fireplace lately, maybe I'll try to style something up with some of my cooler looking books this weekend.



La Belette Rouge said...

The books in the fireplace as long as no one lights a fire.;-) Hey, have you seen this month's Domino? They have Jenna Lyons( the JCrew Fashion Director) home in it. It is so cool. Think you might like her style.

Daphna said...

I told you that your place could be on AT!

Sara Christine said...

I saw this photo and immediately thought of my grandmother's old house. How strange. I love it! I think she had lamps exactly like that. Her walls were yellow from years of cigarette smoking. But her house was cute!