Thursday, October 09, 2008

$2009 at kate spade

It got me to thinking...what would I buy with $2009 at kate spade? So I had an imaginary shopping spree...

First, this lovely savi dress, in this great shade of pink, to wear to all of my holiday cocktail parties;
Then this Belmont wallet, in a rich shade of eggplant, which would always stand out in my bag;

I would then add a touch of whimsy to my growing bangs with this days of the week barette set;

Then this classic noel organizer to keep all of my appointments and lists in order;

Then a few sets of these tickled pink cards for correspondence;

These Hudson booties would surely be a classic, and the red would keep them fun;

This Perry St Paola bag would look great with the shoes and against a black coat;

And finally, this Spring Island Nella, which would be a perfect going out bag and would match my dress!
All this, and I still have $11 left!

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