Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Today's a day filled with treats for me. LB and I are going to be parents this spring, and we had a great ultrasound yesterday. We saw arms and legs and a head and a heartbeat, it was more amazing than I could have imagined. I'm due May 4, 2009.


{Image via}

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mad Man Homer

Thank you to the lovely Shannon for sharing this video. I love it - Homer as Don Draper...two more exact opposites there could not be. I am looking forward to this weekend's Treehouse of Horror episode, which is honestly something I have not said in a long time.

Dangerous Books

I love the Daring Book for Girls and the Dangerous Book for Boys. I picked up this pocket version for LB while in Vancouver, because it is a- a fabulous little read, and b- a great shade of yellow for our coffee table. Plus it's full of so many fun and fascinating things to know for boys and girls of all ages.

Great use of colour

I love this room from AT's colour contest. I also really like the way he's filled the fireplace with books. I've been disappointed with my display in my {non-working} fireplace lately, maybe I'll try to style something up with some of my cooler looking books this weekend.



I can't stop looking at all of the beautiful creations on The Heart of Papercuts. Her work is phenomenal!!! And this Alice in Wonderland piece would make a great gift for a child of any age.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cause they're so Great

From the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper. how cute to kick it old school and low-key. I love newspaper announcements in any form, and I'm sad that people don't really do them anymore. My mom did one for our wedding and I'm so glad that she did.


To Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in New York on Saturday, October 25, 2008, a son, Archibald William Emerson Arnett, a grandson for Alix and Jim Arnett of Toronto and for Eileen and Bill Poehler of Boston, and a great- grandson for Molly and Bill Palk of Winnipeg and Audrey Arnett of Calgary.

Check Your Calendars

I know that I live in Canada, but as GOB would say, come on! This was the snowy scene outside our happy little home this morning. For the record, it's October 29. Hello to the proud Canadian tradition of snowsuits as part of your Hallowe'en costumes. Sure you can be a ballerina, you just have to be a very pudgy-looking ballerina who can't pirouette in her boots...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Shop

In order to get myself in the mood for our trip across the pond, I will be posting about many British things over the coming days. Today happens to be the launch of Kate Moss' 2008 Holiday line for Top Shop. Here are a few faves:

Making Me Happy

My Moop Market bag arrived yesterday and it is absolutely perfect!

Moop - The Market Bag in Black

My Hunter wellies from Liam and Shannon will keep me warm and dry despite the terrible rain and 10-15cm of snow predicted for today.
Mens Hunter Original

And I am home where I belong, with my fabulous husband, for at least 11 more days, and then we jet off to the land of wellies and corgies and tea and Top Shop for 8 fabulous days in London with Liam and Shannon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A bit of a break

I'm very sorry my lovelies, but I'm in Vancouver for work right now, and need to focus on professional stuff right now. I will be back soon with lots of stuff, including a round up of purchases and pretty things that I saw!!!

kisses, kaili

Monday, October 20, 2008

Palin as President

Here's a funny-because-it's-almost-true look at what the Oval Office could look like - thanks Lil' Bro for the link! It's a hilarious site, make sure to scroll over all of the pictures and windows and such...

Someone clearly had a lot of time on their hands, and doggone it I'm glad they did!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Pirates

I must be the last person in the free world to try the deliciousness that is Pirate's Booty. Buoy oh buoy do I ever love that snack. I don't think that it's widely available as of yet in Canada, but my local Superstore had it in the organics section.
Stealth Chips


Add this to the list of things that I love about Dave Eggers and his non-profit brainchild, 826 Valencia, the pirate poster series. I am having a serious case of the trigger finger itches but can't think of where on earth I would hang them - but does it really matter when posters are this great? {Originally seen on Design*Sponge}

Beards are the New BlackPillage Before Plunder, What a Blunder. Plunder Before Pillage, Mission Fulfillage

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have to confess, so that you don't think that I'm a liar. I went home last night with every intention of making and eating the lighter pot pie recipe that I posted yesterday. By the time we voted and did our running around, that was not happening. So we had burgers from the Works. A little taste of heaven. I had one of my all-time faves - the three ring binder, a burger {I chose turkey patty on a multigrain bun} with sauteed mushrooms, jack cheese, chipotle mayo and three onion rings on top. SO GOOD! Served with a side of their crunchy sweet potato fries, this gal was on cloud nine...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was lucky enough to pilfer some leftover turkey from mom's 28-pound bird this weekend. Tonight, LB and I will be dining contentedly on this lighter chicken pot pie, an old favourite from FOOD magazine. It's easy, delicious and not too heavy after a weekend where three big dinners were involved...

Lighter Chicken Potpie

Obsessing Over: Sarah's House

I was wandering around the HGTV site the other day, and I stumbled across the beautiful finished shots from last year's season of Sarah's House. For those of you who have yet to see it, fabulous designer Sarah Richardson buys a house and then spends the season decorating it, then sells it for a profit and starts all over again. I loved last year's house, a big old brick house in downtown Toronto. I can't wait to see what she does this year, with a 60's style bungalow. It's almost identical to my parents' place pre-renos, so it will be interesting to see what she chooses to do with it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Long weekend and vignette

It's Canadian thanksgiving today, and I loves me a long weekend. I spent most of the weekend over at mom and dad's with the family, but today Margot Tenenbaum and I are hanging out, sleeping in, and just puttering around the house. I made this vignette for our living room, inspired by the beautiful antique circus teapot my godmother gave me. I would never make tea in it, it's just for enjoying. I used to collect clowns when I was a child, so she thought this would be a good nostalgic nod to the collection that no longer is.

And this is how Margot helped...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

$2009 at kate spade

It got me to thinking...what would I buy with $2009 at kate spade? So I had an imaginary shopping spree...

First, this lovely savi dress, in this great shade of pink, to wear to all of my holiday cocktail parties;
Then this Belmont wallet, in a rich shade of eggplant, which would always stand out in my bag;

I would then add a touch of whimsy to my growing bangs with this days of the week barette set;

Then this classic noel organizer to keep all of my appointments and lists in order;

Then a few sets of these tickled pink cards for correspondence;

These Hudson booties would surely be a classic, and the red would keep them fun;

This Perry St Paola bag would look great with the shoes and against a black coat;

And finally, this Spring Island Nella, which would be a perfect going out bag and would match my dress!
All this, and I still have $11 left!

Not open to Canucks

I hope that you lovely American readers will all enter for me and take advantage of the opportunity to win a $2009 shopping spree from kate spade. What a lovely contest...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Nightly Ritual...

Every night before bed, LB reads me a story. We once made it through an entire Philip Roth novel that way, but have since found that essays and articles work much better, as I am likely to be asleep in less than 5 minutes. Lately, we have been making our way through the incredible collection of essays by Michael Chabon, Maps and Legends. My favourite essay so far: "On Daemons and Dust" about Phillip Pullman's Dark Matters Trilogy. We're on one about Cormack McCarthy's The Road right now.

It's the perfect way to end what are usually hectic and chaotic days!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Flat Booties

I have a fundamental aversion to comfortable shoes. It's not that I don't want my feet to be happy and cosy, it's just that I can never find comfortable shoes that suit my style. They're usually preppier than my taste, or for a more mature woman than I. I have defaulted to ballet flats over the past few years, but they are not comfortable for long walks, or at least the ones I buy are not. I've tried them all - Coach, Cole Haan, Geox, Ecco, Clarks, you name it, I've checked them out and they just don't suit my style. They look fabulous on other people, just not one me.

On the weekends I usually wear my classic black Converse All Stars, but those don't cut it for work and don't look great with skirts and dresses.

But then yesterday I decided to check out Aldo. I normally don't shop there, but I was out and about, so decided to stop in and see. They had these cute little flat black leather booties with a substantial rubber sole, and they felt like bliss when I put them on. Sold! They will also be great for our trip to London, they look very Peter Pan with a skirt on...

Baby it's Getting Cold...

It was officially zero degrees when I woke up this morning, and the walk to the bus was punctuated by frosty lawns and icy windshields. {reason 234 I am glad to not have a car - no more scraping!!!!} It got me thinking about warm coats for fall and winter. Although I already have my winter coat, I couldn't resist these from Jcrew. The puffer is the ultimate attempt to stylize the bulky down coat, and the Greta just gives you that warm pop of colour that you need when it's dark outside and you're leaving for work...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Best Cookies Ever

I love these cookies, and they get rave reviews wherever I bring them. I was feeling like doing some baking this weekend, so I busted out this old favourite. Chocolate Crunch Cookies, from the Autumn 2007 issue of Food and Drink, our province's liquor control board's free food and wine mag...

Chocolate Crunch Cookies

Weekend Post Mortem

Well last week was a week of light posting, for which I apologize. Last weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing as I was in total agony and the week started out with an emergency root canal. The week didn't improve much from there, swamped at work, etc... but this is a new week kickstarted by a lovely weekend!

LB and I spent Friday night at home, watching Joy Division and eating homemade bacon jalapeno pizza - so good, if you've never tried it, do so quickly!!!

Saturday morning we got up early and went for a long walk and checked out a bunch of antique shops and boutiques in Ottawa South. We bought a few gifts, did a few errands, and enjoyed a gorgeous fall day. We then went for lunch, beers and the kickoff of the NHL season at the Prescott with LB's friends {I excused myself after awhile. I love hockey, but hanging out with 5 boys can be a bit much}. I headed home and baked pumpkin muffins, chocolate crunch cookies, and a roasted vegetable lasagna. After such a long day, we ended up crashing on the couch and watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall {which I actually really really enjoyed} instead of going out.

Sunday I was up early due to an excessive amount of sleep and spent the morning cleaning and organising and planning my outfits for the week. I then did some shopping and went to visit my parents who finally came home after a 7 1/2 week cross-country drive to Alaska. I'm such a suck, I missed my parents so much. We had pizza, watched Mad Men and then headed home for an early bedtime...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sketch it Out

I love this site, found thanks to the lovely Miss Jane. I took a picture of LB and I at the Feist show this summer and turned it into a lovely pencil sketch in mere seconds. I can see this becoming addictive, it's so easy and pretty...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am a firm believer in short, dark fingernails or no nail polish at all. I can't stand chipped nails, and I have been known to get up really early to completely start over if things got smudged while sleeping. This article, from the Times in May, keeps haunting me. I can't imagine willingly walking around with messy nails - just don't wear any polish at all!!!

Am I just crazy, or is this not cute at all?

Toasty Hands

I know that it's a little early for this, but I bought a purple winter coat a while ago, and I think that these lovely violet gloves from BR would be the perfect complement. I also bought a fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs tam to match, but can't seem to find it anywhere online. I'll take a picture soon and share.