Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

Well, we live too far north to actually get a visit from Hurricane Ike, but we did get the tail end of it with constant rain and temperatures so muggy that my bathroom mirror fogged up just from me opening the window. It was crazy!

Friday night I rushed home from work and we spent the evening at Julie and Aaron's, hanging out and just getting caught up. Gen came too, so there was lots of "do you remember" thing we knew it was 1am and we rushed home for a good night's sleep. Until Ms Margot Tenenbaum woke us up at 5:30am, like she does every morning...

Saturday I made LB waffles since he was so nice and got up with Margot so that I could sleep, we spent the day cleaning, getting caught up on stuff around the house, etc...then we headed to Paul and Amber's for a few drinks, then down to the market for a Pub night/ networking event.

Sunday I took it very easy. Read the Times, planned my week, took a nap, did some groceries, showed the car to someone {we're selling our car in an attempt to go car free}, and then made a big spaghetti dinner with our own roasted tomato sauce and we watched the Golden Compass. It was good, and boy do I ever hate Mrs Coulter and her stupid golden monkey! Having read the books, I'm curious how the other two will turn out. Finally, my parents phoned from Alaska, where they are now after having driven there from Ottawa - they are having the time of their lives!

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