Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Post Mortem

Ah, nothing like a nice long weekend to make you feel like a human being again. This really felt like the end of summer, and not in a bad way. We've been so busy that it felt great to have a lazy long weekend to mark the separation between the lazy dog days of summer and the go get 'em attitudes of the fall...

Friday after work we hopped in the car and headed down to Brockville for a night of family fun. Now Brockville is a pretty little town where not much of excitement happens, so we were expecting a relaxing evening of food, wine, good company...Well much to our surprise my cousin's sewer main was backed up so we had to spend the night using public restrooms until the city workers could come the next morning and fix it for us {YAY!}. Secondly, as we're sitting around contemplating the evening, someone burst through the front door to tell us to call 911 because a house was on fire. Well it wasn't a house, only a shed, but it was still pretty eventful. I had never seen a structure burn before, and was reminded as to why fire is my #1 fear. Saturday morning was spent eating scones, playing with the baby, walking around, and having some good quality time with the fam.

Saturday evening we had our dear friend Andrew over to dinner as he is moving to London {what is it with you people and England!?!?!} and then headed down to the Rainbow to see our dear friend Mike's band, the Reverb Syndicate. Instrumental surf rock set to the cold war never sounded so fun!

Sunday was spent puttering at home, getting ready for the week, all that fun stuff. I ran some errands, and then we crashed on the couch to watch a cute movie called Wristcutters: A Love Story. Not nearly as dark as the name would suggest!

Monday we took Bob and Nicole to brunch, checked on mom and dad's, watched a beautiful little movie called Bella, made a huge tofu stirfry, and turned in nice and early in order to be ready to tackle a busy week ahead!


Murray said...

Sounds like a super busy weekend. Thanks for the movie recommendations! Now that summer is over, bed time for kiddies will be coming earlier so I may actually have the chance to watch a movie in the evening!

La Belette Rouge said...

Sounds like you need another weekend to get over your weekend---I know I do.;-)

Thanks for the movie recommendations. I need some fresh stuff for my Netflix list.