Friday, September 26, 2008

LB's music pick of the week: The Raveonettes

I've decided to follow up last week's pick, The Kills, with a similar male/female duo, The Raveonettes. I chose the Kills' most recent record and for the Raveonettes I am going back to their first, Whip It On. Stylistically, the Raveonettes are not quite the opposite of the Kills but they definitely have a different approach. Filling the record with a wall of sound and hyper-stylised lyrics that tell B-movie stories, this Danish duo seem to strike an American pose against their European origins. The electronic beat is covered by thrumming bass and guitar, with each instrument only occasionally emerging from the whole. Similarly the vocals are sung by each member and almost entirely overlap, giving many of the songs a slightly dreamy or, perhaps more appropriately, movie dream sequence feel.

The album is a little slight, only eight tracks and none even three and a half minutes long, but in flying by, I find it almost always leaves me wanting more. To me the standout track is also the albums most representative, Cops Are on Our Tail. The beat is fierce and propulsive, evoking the chase as the guitar and bass swerve over top and the repeated lines in the chorus serve almost as the two shot of movie chases: car one turns the corner, then car two drifts through the same frame. A kinetic breakdown gives you a little breather and then it jumps back in, much the way I feel about the record. A great escape and a pleasure that there is almost always time to listen to start to finish.

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