Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Might Have to Get Cable

LB and I don't have cable. It's not because we don't like TV, or think that we're too good for TV, but rather because we love TV so much that we would watch it all the time. But these days we've been wavering, due to a good offer from a local provider and a free PVR to boot. {I would never miss 30 Rock or Pushing Daisies or the Office again!!!}

I just read that Real Simple is launching a TV show on TLC on October 17, and between that and What not to Wear, I could see me spending a lot of Friday nights curled up and watching people clean their closets and such...Guilty pleasure, I know!

Tara Donne / Marc Royce

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tara said...

get cable! join the dark side! it's so dark......