Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Glitter, glitter, everywhere...

Having spent a lot of my high school and University time working as a camp counselor, birthday party hostess, craft coordinator, and generally working with kids 24/7, I am very very familiar with the perils of glitter. It gets everywhere people! And you can never quite pick it all up, a piece invariably shows up sooner or later in the carpet, your hair, everywhere! I am in love with this poster by Because Studio using a quote from comedian Demetri Martin {see previous post on his comedy} where he tells it exactly how it is with glitter.


{Found via the lovely folks at Apartment Therapy}


Murray said...

Love it! Fortunately we haven't hit the glitter stage of Evie's childhood. Kindergarten should change that, but at least it won't be all over my house.

michelle said...

ha ha ha ha! too funny