Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cross-Body Bags

Now that I'm walking even more places, the limitations of shoulder bags and hand-held clutches for my lifestyle are becoming increasingly obvious. It's awkward to walk for 30-45 minutes carrying a big purse in one hand and my lunch/shoes/coffee in the other. So I've decided to acquire a cross-body bag to help lighten the load.

Option 1: Coach Hamptons Leather Satchel
Pros: good size, removable strap, lovely leather, also makes a good weekend bag.
Cons: price, the fact that it's a Coach bag {ugh}, the fact that it is a handheld with a strap rather than designed as a cross-body bag.
product image

Option 2: Roots Downtown Slide
Pros: Canadian, cute colours, decent sized
Cons: Not quite big enough, still pretty pricey...

Large image of Downtown Slide in Lux Leather

Option 3: Moop Market Bag
Pros: Fabulous design, adjustable strap, handmade by a small entrepreneur, least expensive of the three
Cons: Can't think of any - I think that this is the bag for me!

Moop - The Market Bag in Black

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La Belette Rouge said...

#3 is a great commuter bag. You can bring everything with you and still look chic. Great find!!