Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, it's official. I am festivalled-out. I don't know if I could go see one more group of bands play outside even if Beatles themselves got together for an outdoors show. However, I had purchased these tickets for LB for our anniversary, and this was his day. We took the bus to Montreal, way less hassle that way- no parking, nothing. I managed to squeeze in a little shopping along Ste Catherine, but didn't do any damage.

The Osheaga festival is poorly laid out, but in a lovely setting, Parc Jean Drapeau. Filled with lovely green spaces and public art, it's an urban paradise.This was LB's music day, and boy did everyone deliver!

The Kills:The Weakerthans {okay, that one was for me}

The Black Keys
We capped the evening off with Montreal hot dogs {steamers}, the gypsy-punk stylings of Gogol Bordello, the magical robot horses from the future of Rock Plaza Central, and then caught some of Broken Social Scene's set {identical to the one last week at Hillside}, and then made it home in one piece.

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Canadian in London said...

It's a good thing we got those tickets already for the Black Keys in London.......... Need something for LB here too.