Monday, August 18, 2008

Kid-Friendly but NOT Precious

I am not a big fan of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. I often feel as though I'm just not there yet, in terms of content and tips, nor do I ever feel that I am the kind of person who will be so worried about cleaning my china that I will be compelled to write Martha a letter about it. However, September's decorating issue warmed me a bit more towards the publication, in particular this article about former Blueprint-er Rebecca Robertson's incredible loft. It's child-friendly without being precious, and even though it's a giant space, it's not overwhelming. I love the giant wallpaper with the teeny family silhouettes above them.

This kitchen is incredible - huge but not overstuffed with gadgets, and perfectly matched to its' owners needs.

I am in lust with these giant botanical prints - how high do you think their ceilings have to be in order to make the table seem so teeny?

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