Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Dream Come True

Anyone who knows me well knows my unabashed love for CBC Radio One and public radio in general. Well today's my day - I get to be interviewed about a subject that is near and dear to my heart - public service reform and renewal, and if you're in Ottawa you should check it out. It's on 91.5 FM at 5:44pm Ottawa time, and you can listen live online as well.


Canadian in London said...

We'll have to stay up so late! We're on it though. Seeing Wall-E tonight but will be home in time to hear your rants/raves/general knowledge.

tara said...

As if I didn't see this until this morning!! I totally missed it!! Argh! I'll just assume you found a way to work a story about me in there somewhere.

J'aime radio Kaili!!!

Shannon said...

yeah. I definitely thought you posted this on Thursday. Therefore missed it. Liam was disappointed too.