Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Post Mortem

This weekend started out early due to a "run-in" with a city truck. An avowed cyclist, I was headed to work Thursday morning when a truck decided to swipe me while stopped at an intersection. I'm okay, just bruised, swollen and cranky... So I made it through the day, hit the clinic, got a lovely sling, and then my in-laws brought me some comfort food from the Royal Treasure.

Friday was spent at home, being more sore and even crankier. I got Margot Tenembaum used to her surroundings, watched some 90210 {thanks Tara!}, did a bit of stuff around the house. At night we ordered pizza and watched Be Kind, Rewind. I LOVED that movie. So much fun.

Saturday morning, we went for breakfast at The Diner, hit the Parkdale Market, hung out at home for a while and then headed over to Lori and Marco's for her 30th Birthday Party extravaganza. It was awesome, their new house is fabulous, and we even busted out the old dance routine we did at their wedding two years ago. It was a little painful for the arm, but a total blast.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to watch the demolition of the South Side stands at Frank Clair Stadium. These stands are an Ottawa institution, and their demolition forever resolves the question of which side sucks: North or South? We couldn't get close enough to see the demo itself, but it was pretty cool. We got to hear it all and then see the aftermath:

I then spent the day puttering at home, which was lovely, although slightly restricted due to good ol' slingy. Margot Tenenbaum made herself at home, and seems to like yelling at us alot. Sunday night we got gussied up and headed over to the Fraser Café with Jeff for dinner. It was incredible - if you are in Ottawa, GO THERE! With only 27 seats and a teeny patio, this place serves fresh, creative, local and seasonal food at a rather reasonable price. The rice pudding was to die for. As I was eating with two chefs we spent a lot of time poring over the details of the food and the design of the place, which was actually a lot of fun.

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Canadian in London said...

why did they demolish the stands?