Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, Saturday was fabulous. At 2:30, LB went and started the line at our favourite independent bookstore, Collected Works, for the David Sedaris reading scheduled at 7pm. It was so exciting to be the first in line, we are never on time for anything! Being first in line meant that we got to sit right in front of David, and we also got to be the first ones to get our books signed. He chatted with us, wrote some lovely notes in our books, and then presented us with a gift of a book of our own.

He was the nicest author I've ever had the chance to meet, chatting with everyone, not minding the heat and insanity of the crowded bookstore. About 300 people came to a reading that could comfortably accommodate 50 people, so the extra 200 were in a tent out back, according to this article from the paper. It was his first time in Ottawa, and totally worth the wait. And LB and I got our picture in the paper!
People wait to hear bestselling author David Sedaris at Collected Works bookstore in Ottawa on Saturday July 12, 2008.

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Linda said...

I am soooo jealous. David Sedaris is coming to Australia next month and I've bagged tickets and can't wait to see him (if I don't explode with anticipation first!)

I've been quietly enjoying your blog for a while now, but hey, who can keep quiet when Mr Sedaris is the topic?