Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bag of the Week: Chanel

Once called Karl Lagerfield's commentary on the new restrictions for carry ons when flying, the bag of the week this week is the clear Chanel 2.55 {For the record, the 2.55 refers to the date that Coco Chanel first released this style - Feb 1955}. I love this purse, as much for its beauty and function as I do for the experience of having bought it at Chanel in Paris. It was perfect, the service was incredible, and I then sat down and had a café noisette and thought about how LB might react to a clear plastic purse from Chanel. To this day he refuses to know what it actually cost.

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Sara Christine said...

You actually purchased something at the Chanel store in Paris? You go girl! I think that's every woman's dream! Love this bag, perfect for summer.