Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

Friday night was a mad dash - worked late, hopped on my bike, wolfed down a tofu burger, and then Lb dropped me off at the movies to meet the girls for the SATC movie! We had a lovely time. The movie was exactly what I thought that it was going to be. I had ridiculously low expectations of how they would translate the girls to the screen, so I was not at all disappointed. I oohed and aahed over the clothes, but I still stand by my assessment of the new decor of Carrie's apartment {below}. The story was thin and stretched in many places, but that's not what we were going to see, right? God forbid that we have pretty things to look at and a story to hold it together! But it was so fun to be in a theatre filled with women and be giggly and excited. We then hit the Standard for drinks and LB picked us up to prevent our shoes from getting ruined in the rain.

Saturday was spent working. I had time for groceries on my way to the office, and other than that, I worked until it was time to help Paul set up for Amber's suprise 30th party. We had a lovely time, but of course my camera battery died, so I have no evidence of said lovely time, other than the fact that my cellie is still at their condo. We left the party at 9:30, and I went home and cleaned out my cosmetics/products and it was almost as much fun as the party - I love cleaning out my stuff!

Sunday morning, I went for a run {the first one in months!}, got my clothes organised for the week, and then I worked some more. My fabulous mommy picked me up in the afternoon and took me to Sephora {finally!!! We have one in Ottawa!!!} where I got a bag full of goodies for my upcoming birthday! Then she made us dinner, so that I could go home and work some more.

And now I'm at work. Sound familiar?

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La Belette Rouge said...

Happy pre-birthday! And, hey, say more...what was in your bag of Sephora goodies? Details, please! ;-)