Friday, June 20, 2008

Cute and Thrifty

LB and I have been working on our budget for about the past six months. I really wanted to get a feel for where all of our money goes on a monthly basis, so before implementing a budget that might or might not work, I carefully tracked all spending since we moved into the new house on December 1. We've switched to using mostly cash over debit or credit cards, and have overall become more consicous about our spending.

This week, I finally sorted out the categories and what could be expected to be a resonable amount to allot to each. Some, like the mortgage, are obviously not up for debate, but we decided to give ourselves a bit more play money for meals out and such...

To implement the system, I bought this lovely little budget book on etsy. It is one of those little plastic accordion files, but glammed up enough that it can come everywhere with me.

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