Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I'm Reading Now

Two books at once, one for funny, one for practical tips on how to be greener in your home.

Foreskin's Lament is a hilarious memoir by Shalom Auslander that is totally worth reading if you have a sense of humour, have ever questioned your faith, are a worry wart, or have a fascination with how orthodox Jews live. {Or all of the above, like me}

Ecoholic {when you're addicted to the planet} is a Canadian guide to living green. So unlike a lot of fabulous books magazines and websites, I can actually buy the products or access the resources listed in the book. I like this book because it actually gives you ideas on what to do to make changes, rather than just make you feel guilty for every breath you take...

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La Belette Rouge said...

Is it all based on Portnoy's Complaint? Love the title. Really funny. Going to see if the library has it.