Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

Sorry for the late post today, I was at work from 7am until 7pm, and nary a spare second to post, not even a proper bite to eat. And it seems like it's going to be that way for the rest of the week, so apologies in advance.

This weekend was the perfect mix of fun and rest. Friday night, I came home a bit early after a loong week and had an early happy hour whilst watching Oprah and Tom Cruise's disgusting love-in. I've never seen two such insincere people in my life. {For the record, Oprah's on here at 4, for those of you thinking that I was lying in bed with a bottle of wine, not that there's anything wrong with that...} Then, Lb made me an incredible dinner of pork kind of like this, served with sauteed broccoli topped with crispy salami strips. Of course that's a Rachael Ray.

After dinner, I finally put away my blackberry and we went out to the Capital to see the Constantines. The openers were nothing to brag about, but the Cons put on the best set that we have seen them perform in a long time - it was incredible. They played a bunch of songs that they don't usually play, which excited LB in particular, as we've been fans for roughly 7 years so a lot of our faves are early in the repertoire. Here's a pic of the boys during a quieter moment, when Will is NOT trashing his keyboard by jumping on it and Brian is not breaking every string on his guitar. Things got so crazy that Brian had to come out alone for the second encore as nothing else was really in tune... We opted to not try and join them at the Dominion afterwards as we felt a bit old...Upon driving home, I remarked to LB that it was quite ironic that now that we had the proper space to host out of town punk bands, we were no longer the outgoing party kids who offered their places...We once had Frenzal Rhomb from Australia stay with us when I lived with the gals, and the Lawrence Arms almost came over one night {until we realized that they wanted to bring everyone!}
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Saturday was spent getting my hair cut, procuring tickets to Hillside {go team family!}, and then biking around to a bunch of antique shops to find the perfect enamel wall-mounted phone to go in our fifties kitchen. We found a black one at the Ottawa antique market, and just need to get our acts together and mount it. It looks a lot like this one...
We came home and vegged - Lb made nachos and I was asleep by 8pm. Sunday was a day of house work, cleaning, organising and prepping - one of those fabulous days that only happen every once in a while...and clearly I needed it, since this week is already kicking my butt!

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