Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem: Yay for long weekends!

We Canucks were fortunate enough to have a 3-day weekend this weekend, which I decided to turn into a 4-day weekend in order to spend some extra time with the fabulous LB. I've been working waay too much lately and have been pretty tired and cranky as a result, so I wanted to have some quality time for us.

Our weekend started Thursday night with a dessert trip to the Pasticceria for Daphna and I. The best cappuccinos in the city and French pastries to boot, so we ate and chatted the twilight away. I then went and met LB and Jeff for some hockey and quarts at the Prescott. We biked home after midnight, and it was great fun!

Friday was errand hell - Costco, groceries, gas, etc... But luckily Friday night was spent using the gift certificate that Paul and Amber bought us for Trio and indulging in some great munchies, as well as prosecco and LB's current local fave, Beau's Beer. The grilled cheese sammie, made up of cream cheese, old cheddar and dijon mustard was to die for...

Saturday was spent chilling around the house, and then we went to Bob and Nicole's for a lovely BBQ. We had a bit of a surprise guest when a raccoon decided to pop in and see what was cookin', but other than that it was incredible and the food selection was scrumptious! Sunday I was on my own, LB had to go back to work. But I managed to pop in for some lemon curd and ricotta pancakes, and then headed to the farmers' market for some bread and veggies. I biked around for a while, did some window shopping and procrastinated as long as possible, but I finally ended up in the garden for the rest of the afternoon, tilling the soil, transplanting, etc... We got cleaned up in time for a YUMMY steak dinner at Julie and Aaron's, it was so great to see them. Julie and I have been friends since high school, and I'm so glad that we have managed to stay friends all of this time.

Monday was grey and rainy. Watched tv, did my nails, worked on my wardrobe for the week, all that jazz. Finished the night with some chowdamac and old episodes of 30 Rock...

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