Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prezzies for Boys

I don't know if you're all stuck in the same position as me, but my partner is incredibly hard to buy for. I love him, but he leads a near-monastic existence, anchored only by an imac and a bicycle. So buying gifts for him is nearly impossible. I've had some good luck with his jack spade messenger bag, random clothes as required for his wardrobe, and the aforementioned imac and bicycle. I've had some not so good luck too, especially with the jack spade travel scrabble set...

This year, I outdid myself for our anniversary. I don't really even know why, because we don't usually get all gifty for anniversaries, only really during the chrismukkah season...but I bought him a new titanium wedding band {looks incredible and weighs nothing!} and tickets to the OSHEAGA festival in Montreal!!! I totally knocked his socks off, as we are going to see two of his absolute faves - the Kills {Image below} and the Black Keys.

So, there's hope - every once in a while you can knock one out of the park!

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