Friday, May 30, 2008

Perfect Evening

How to have a perfect Thursday night in Ottawa?

  • Meet Anne for two Summer Breeze cocktails on the Hy's patio - eat the delish cocktail snacks and observe the Ottawa politicos in action.
  • Eat an amazing Vietnamese dinner with the in-laws at Mrs. Le's - Fried bananas with ice cream and perfect salad rolls!
  • Invite Ross and Suzan over to watch the season finale of Lost - they understand the importance of not talking during the show, but then discussing EVERYTHING during the commercials. Speculation was running rampant...And Ross brought fudge!!!!
  • Go to bed exhausted but happy and sleep like a baby after a loooong day!

1 comment:

Canadian in London said...

We get to watch it on Sunday... do not reveal anything. I'm so glad we made Lost addicts out of you!