Thursday, May 08, 2008

Let Me Have Cake

Peasants be damned, the cake is mine... I have an obsession with cake plates, though I don't have many {not for lack of want or availability, but how many cake plates can a lady actually use at once?} I think that these are lovely new cake plates with a vintage-y feel to them...

The yellow one just screams for a big coconut cream cake, or a tower or lemony goodness...The red one would be divine covered in a giant devil's food cake with fudgy icing...Or you could just let Williams-Sonoma do all of the work and order this Dulce de Leche cake- it looks phenomenal!!!!

1 comment:

michelle {lovely.little.things} said...

I am notorious for belated Mother's Day presents, but this will be the perfect gift for my baker-extraordinaire mom. Thanks for the idea - I think I'll go with the yellow one! Love your blog!