Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Finally Here!

Ottawans live through terribly cold and dreadful winters, non-existent springs and falls, and swelteringly short summers just to get to one day every year...the GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE! The Glebe is a particularly nice area of town where the houses are of a certain {high} value and the "junk" that these homeowners have on offer is of a much higher quality than your average garage sale. Every street in the area is filled with people selling goods, hot dog vendors {the reason LB goes}, general merriment and happiness, you get the idea...

The key to the garage sale is getting there early. And don't worry about trying to meet up with all of your friends, they'll only hold you back because you will all want to look at different things...LB and I are planning on being there at 7:30am tomorrow morning and will methodically walk our pre-planned grid in search of hidden treasure. I'll report back on Monday!

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La Belette Rouge said...

Happy hunting. Good luck!! And, I look forward to seeing what you find.:-)

tara said...

Holy crap that's exciting! One year I must go with!