Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is the post in which I reveal that I am a complete SATC geek...

But no fair - they've changed Carrie's apartment!!!! Okay, deep breaths here. WHY ON EARTH would they change Carrie's apartment? According to Apartment Therapy, it would only be normal that after four years her apartment would have changed. Okay, I totally see that, my house changes all the time. But Carrie's really didn't change much over 6 YEARS {Aidan's chair aside} and I hate that they are changing absolutely everything from the show to the movie, other than the four girls, but I even have my suspicions about how true the script sticks to their respective characters. Give the loyal fans some continuity people, not everything has to be over the top. Some consistency is a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to see it. I bought my tickets Tuesday.


Okay, new wall colour, not a fan. The decluttering beside the bed, not a fan. The mirrored table? I like. But Carrie would never pair it with that chair. Nor would she have a scented candle displayed so prominently, if I remember correctly she recoiled when Debbie bought Miranda a scented candle at the flea market... Samantha said something about women with scented candles replacing women with cats as the new sad thing. {I do however want that Chanel scarf just for me!}


This is waaaay too romantic for Carrie. She's always had a bit of a bohemian edge to her decor, and this looks like it's been professionally done. {Which it has of course} That headboard is Charlotte, not Carrie. Where is the shelf with all of the books and the old enamel telephone? Have we completely abandoned the premise that Carrie is a writer and a reader? It looks so sterile... The palette's all wrong too - blues and browns? Not Carrie. She always had lighter neutrals and greys...

I do however like this picture of Miranda's place. It makes sense that hers would change - they moved to Brooklyn peeps! Plus it looks like what real life looks like when it meets what you would like it to look like. {Spoiler: As most of you probably know, the rumour is that Steve cheats on Miranda. Hence the lone glass of wine in front of her. And the fortune probably says something equally sad. But for the record, Steve WOULD NEVER cheat on Miranda. He's true blue.}

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