Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

My oh my, what I wouldn't give for a quiet weekend next week to get caught up simple things like sweeping and dusting, and raking the yard...

Friday night I worked until a ridiculously late hour, then sped over to mom and dad's for a quiet dinner with my family prior to Liam's move to London tomorrow {EEK!} We gave Liam his graduation gift, and he was pretty shocked when he opened the Tiffany's box and found an actual gift from Tiffany inside.

Saturday was spent in errand hell - Costco, Loblaws, Farm Boy, etc... was in such a foul mood after dealing with the masses. We came home and set up our "patio furniture" {a pine table with a gingham cover and a set of bertoia chairs} and I tried to learn to love the fact that I have a big backyard. Luckily, Liam and Tanya rescued me for a trip downtown where we hit Trustfund and Liam bought some stuff for his trip, and I bought a super cute necklace and hemmed and hawed on this shirt...Update - I love it, so I bought it. The last thing I need is more cute ts, but there you have it.

Saturday night was Liam's going away party - bocce ball, drinking, eating, general merriment - what more can you ask for? My dad made the worst speech EVER.

Sunday morning we hit Stoneface Dolly's for brunch {where else?} with the whole family and had a ball - a lovely walk home in the sunshine and an afternoon of housework later, and Laurin and Casey and Daphna and Adam came over for our first BBQ in the new house. Although it was windy, I persisted. What's the point of moving away from downtown if I can't eat in my backyard? And puppy Kiji found every possible piece of garbage/thing she shouldn't have buried away in our yard...So tired this morning I snoozed the alarm for an hour and a half!

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Canadian in London said...

oh how I miss Bocce. I must find a set here! Missed you all this weekend so very much. And really, does Liam deserve such nice things? Hahaha.